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Veteran Herald Sun entertainment reporter Luke Dennehy will finish up soon, after nearly two decades.

Sad news.


Reading that note he seems contented with his decision, rather than sad.


Looks like there will be big changes at the Herald Sun. There is a small ad in today’s Switched On TV liftout that it will merge with Thursday’s Hit entertainment liftout to become Hit + TV, which is similar to the current Hit supplement in The Advertiser on Thursdays. It has movie and music reviews, celebrity interviews and a 7-day TV guide.


Everything is shrinking.

I used to almost need a crane to lift my Saturday newspaper. Now if I ever pick it up it looks like most of it is missing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I purchase this for Leigh Paatsch’s movie reviews.

He’s also on 3AW radio Weekend Break.

He also does the movies on TV previews in the Sunday Herald Sun’s “TV Guide” liftout.


Sort of back to the future… the weekly TV guide started as “Sun Leisure” on Thursdays in The Sun in the 1980s. I think it covered other entertainment as well before they split the TV guide to a separate lift out on Wednesdays.


Still remember the ‘good old days’ when The Saturday Age weighed almost a kilo and came in two parts!


I remember buying the Los Angeles Times on a weekend in the late 1980s and the edition was so big it was distributed tied with string so it wouldn’t fall apart.

The days of the super thick The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday and The Sun-Herald on Sunday, when both were massive sellers, way ahead of what News were putting out, is a long gone memory for me. Haven’t bought either paper for sometime. I have however purchased The Australian on a Monday on the odd occasion for the Media section.


The Australian launched its Chinese-language website today (, featuring curated coverage from the paper in simplified Chinese and updated on weekdays. Unlike the original website which requires paid subscription, the Chinese site is free to all to read.


That’s how they suck you in, before putting it behind a paywall.


The Great Wall?


The Great PayWall.


The English translation on Google Chrome works very well on the Chinese pages.


Herald Sun has confirmed that Switched On and Hit liftouts will merge next Wednesday (October 4) to become Hit+TV.

News Corp is in hot water again, this time with Sophie Monk’s management over the use of her image without permission to promote a newspaper subscription offer, which includes a bonus pair of Sennheiser headphones.


Sam Weir’s replacement at The Advertiser will be Matt Deighton, who has been editor of The Mercury in Hobart for the past four years, and was previously editor-in-chief of Adelaide’s Messenger Community News for five years.
Townsville Bulletin editor Ben English will replace Scott Thompson as Gold Coast Bulletin editor, who has decided to end his temporary post for family reasons.


The first issue of Hit+TV supplement is inside today’s Herald Sun and features Ryan Gosling on the cover. It has brought in most content from the original Hit liftout, apart from Leigh Paatsch’s movie reviews which, for some reason, stay in Thursday’s paper. Also, the 7 day TV guide has been squeezed into 3.5 pages, with two days of listings on one page and the weather forecast underneath Tuesday’s listings, making it very hard to read. I prefer a day on a page format.


Here in Sydney, The Daily Telegraph still seems to have the separate liftouts for Wednesday TV and Thursday entertainment.

As of today, the TV liftout has been rebranded to “DT TV” and is basically just reviews on the 1st page and (a reformatted) 7 day TV guide for the rest. Listings for all major free to air TV channels + selected Foxtel channels are covered.


You people still buy newspapers? How retro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thursday is the traditional movie release date in this part of the world and reviews are regularly embargoed until the film hits cinemas (or 00:01 on the day of)


I haven’t bought a News Corp paper in years but my parents still get the Herald Sun so I managed to see their copy. My goodness what a waste of what used to be (a long time ago) a half decent section. Now it’s just a few pages of fluff and then squeezing a week’s worth of TV listings of 15 or so channels into 3 pages.

You’d think they might have gone the other way and actually set out to create a more comprehensive TV listing or create content that might actually… you know… attract readers… but looking at it now I don’t know why you’d bother even browsing the HIT TV section. It’s just nothing now.

And then they’ll whinge that circulation is falling and how dare people be reading everything online now.