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Veteran photographer Wayne Ludbey is finishing work with the Herald Sun this week, a victim of News Corp’s job cuts. Today’s AFL match between Richmond and Carlton was his last event as press photographer and there was a report on Seven News Melbourne tonight:

Ludbey’s colleague George Salpigtidis also shot his last AFL game for the paper last night.


Sad day today with 70 staff photographers officially leaving News Corp, including veterans Gregg Porteous and Mark Evans from The Daily Telegraph, in addition to the two Herald Sun cameramen mentioned above. News Corp will outsource most of its photography work to AAP, which has listed 66 former News Corp photographers as preferred suppliers.
Sports journalist Barry Toohey also left the Daily Telegraph today after 34 years with the paper.
The end of an era in more ways than one.


He’s an accountant for well-known celebrities like Michael Clarke and a socialite. Mostly known for competing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht races every year and being married to a television presenter and previously dating other ones.


I love the current TV campaign for the Daily Telegraph. Whatever you may think of the paper itself, I love the rawness, harshness and emphasis on hard-nose journos (in stark contrast to the warmer and slicker TV news promos).

Imagine a Nine, Seven or Ten news that decided to focus in on its reporters, warts and all

(^ was the only Youtube I could find)


There’s a version for every paper I think. There’s also a national version (with appearances from someone in each newspaper) for airing on Fox Sports.

Really effective.


News Corp’s weekly cars liftout will be simply known as Motoring from today with a brand new layout. Up until last week it was called CarsGuide. It is part of News Corp’s new partnership with Carsales auto classifieds website, after the media giant sold its 55% stake in CarsGuide to US-owned Cox Automotive last year.


The Australian sports reporter Margie McDonald quit the paper last Wednesday after 16 years. McDonald left on the same night as Queensland won the State of Origin series and she was presented with a Maroons jersey. She plans to cover NRL matches and various sports for other media outlets.


The Sun newspaper in 1984:

Source: Australian Television Archive

Dynasty’s Linda Evans. The Sun looks at her lives and loves.”

Even then covering the big stories :stuck_out_tongue:

… and petrol is 47.5 cents a litre!


The Australian reports that Julie Hare is leaving after editing the higher education section for seven years to take a Canberra-based role within KPMG’s education unit. And next month surfing editor and online producer Fred Pawle, who has clocked up three stints at the paper over 25 years, is joining former Weekend ­Australian editor Nick Cater at the Menzies Research Centre as ­communications director.


Does anybody know these people? I have no idea who these people are, so reporting every departure and arrival at newspapers is pointless. Is this interesting to anyone?




Top headline on the Daily Tele at the moment:

This publication’s obsession with NRL is insane. A Canterbury Bulldogs fan, yup, thanks for that vital information. :roll_eyes:


Yes, leading with the title “BULLDOG AND A ‘BOMB’”

Club Statement:

The club are extremely disappointed at the article in the Daily Telegraph this morning showing an alleged terrorist wearing a Bulldogs jersey and linking the person to the club.
We are currently investigating the matter today and speaking with the relevant people involved.


Typical from news corp. how did the football team he support have anything to do with him being an alleged terrorist.


A tweet featuring a News-owned Fox Sports promotion, immediately after the tweet expressing disappointed at News.


Well that front page is even more pathetic.


I found this article online. Seems to sum up this morning’s front page pretty well.


News Corp has relaunched two of Sydney local titles Mosman Daily and North Shore Times, with a magazine style, lifestyle-led format. Both titles will have expanded real estate coverage, and food and drink sections. Mosman Daily celebrated its 100th anniversary this week.


Lots of alcohol ads.


There will be no alcohol ads but reviews of local bars and pubs.