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Surely there can’t be two Ryzy’s? - The KO Ryzy (who is posting for the first time ever on a radio discussion board).


Better off contributing here than the old timer’s factory on radio Facebook pages where the good ol days are lapped up as seen with the Radio Green Room.


It was a pure accident :joy:


Former 2HD & KOFM breakfast presenter, David Collins, has passed away overnight.



Wow massive shock, very sad news.


Yeah just read it on the KO-FM Facebook page. Terrible news.


From memory he and Tanya really lifted the ratings and often won the breakfast slot on the AM band at 2HD during the mid 1990s when HD were struggling against the many FM stations Newcastle. Talented broadcaster lost way too soon.




Quite young as well :frowning:




As mentioned in the “Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)” thread (see post), KOFM will rebrand to Triple M on Friday 9th November.

This will leave 2HD & New FM to be the only commercial stations to maintain its local branding, especially with the latter celebrating its 30th birthday next year.


Will they capitalise on it? Sadly not I’m guessing.

Radioinfo article has a comment added to it:


Triple M in Newcastle was bound to happen at some stage, though many parts of Newcastle you can get Triple M Sydney. Seems a big change for a station like KOFM. I still think they have many listeners from the old 2KO days who may not like the change.


And even in a few isolated spots, Triple M Port Macquarie (100.7) as well.


And there’s the absurdity of it. Quintessential Sydney term forced on a very parochial town of its own. 9 have handled well the retention of the NBN brand, whilst SCA show their usual stubborn ineptitude.


It’d be great if 2HD and New FM really capitalised on SCA rebranding KOFM to Triple M by promoting themselves as the true local radio stations for Newcastle, especially with next year’s 30th birthday of New FM.

But that most likely won’t happen, since we’re talking about another broadcaster that has quite a lot of networked programming (maybe not quite as much as SCA stations do, but still) and has also failed to capitalise on the blunders of MRN Sydney in recent years…

Maybe after Nine initially bought NBN Television in 2007, but since March 2016 the branding situation there has been an absolute mess IMO.


I understand what you mean, I’ve had a peek at the NBN threads here. For me, the news remains, Big Dog so the brand, its value, its worth lives on.


That would only work until people actually listened to either in those stations - they’d be straight back to SCA.

At least the same, if not more as far as the Newcastle stations are concerned.