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From Radioinfo:

Newcastle community radio station 2NUR has breached the sponsorship guidelines by playing more than the mandated 5 minutes per hour, according to an ACMA Investigation.

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KOFM skipped out on Thursday night NRL, dispite advertising it.


Looks like the 2HD repeater on 90.5 for the Belmont North area has been approved


And so will follow the next round of requests for translators in other corners of the licence area, up the Hunter and out to Dungog.


I don’t follow this thread much so only just learned of the 90.5 proposal over the weekend. The goal is clearly to cover the whole of Newcastle on FM- which they pretty much already do with 97.5 from Port Stephens. A gross waste of spectrum and I think there will be other casualties down the low end to follow.


They’re both lame ducks and have been since falling into Caralis’s ownership.


so interestingly the starts in 13 minutes in Newcastle, streaming online around the world with a 60s-80s format. It’s being run by Newcastle radio icons like David Sayers and Michael Blaxland.

You can download the app and listen online at


A bit confusing. If they want to emphasize the local nature of the station as a point of difference, why use a well-known Sydney station name?

Why don’t they just wait for SCA to re-brand KOFM to MMM and then call it 2KO :slight_smile:



Macquarie National News and Local News with Michael Blaxland on the hour and half-past

BRASS IN POCKET - PRETENDERS (this dropped out a few seconds into the start)


If this wasn’t an online station this would give 2NUR, 2HD and even KOFM a few headaches.


holy crap, they’ve even got the old 2UW jingles playing.


Which is a brand that hasn’t died like 2UW, so how long before they receive a legal frightener?


Strange one . Wow I am happy 2uw is back. Why not 2nx?


Since it hasn’t been quite two years since the rebrand to Hit 106.9, SCA might still hold the rights to the 2NX trademark?

2UW on the other hand, I’d imagine ARN’s rights to that trademark lapsed years ago…


Was trying to figure how to get the station in tunein radio so I can use android auto. Pretty good sound. I miss the old 2uw. It is a bit more modern than than when 2uw converted to FM. Not saying being “more modern” is a bad thing, they played a lot of more 60s before going FM.


Do you have logs to compare from the final years of 2UW to that of the 2018 online version?


I wish I did. I remember listening to MIX 106.5 on 1107 AM when it converted. I saw the sign by Ace of Base never got played on the old 2uw. I remember they use to have call sign “where you always hear a good oldie”. They use to play a lot of Elvis and Beatles. 2UW did have more “modern music” in the 80s when Bazz and Pilko were doing breakfast.

Anyone know how to add a custom stream in tunein radio, like to listen car via Android auto.

Also a technical question, do they need to pay rights like any other radio stations to the artists?


I recall in the mid 80s 4MB used to take the 2UW overnight music show from about 10PM. It always was a bit jarring when it switched from local 4MB to 2UW. While 4MB used to be very middle of the road during the day, at night they played a lot more current (80s) hits including some harder music (eg INXS, even Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Then after 10PM when the 2UW networking began it was back to softer middle of the road music with more older music. Memories :slight_smile:


They do have apps for Android:


Yeah downloaded… But looking something that will work with Android auto.