NBN News


For some reason the CC comes up on supers in Sport for the past few nights.


For the news title, how about a compromise to something like ITV does in the UK?


“9 News - NBN Reports”? I’m sure someone could make a mock up.


Personally, I think calling the bulletin “NBN Nine News” would be the best solution if Nine really wanted to keep the legacy brand/callsign on the local news in Northern NSW/Gold Coast although I would personally prefer that they’d just rebrand NBN News to Nine News, fully integrate the service into the Nine News family (eg, NBN News content on 9News.com.au) and be done with it!


I certainly thought about the ITV Regional News model - keeping in mind that (in the example) Granada keeping its local title was the exception rather than the rule; most just being branded with the region name as (say) “ITV News London”. So I’m not sure whether that’s more an argument for “Nine News Northern NSW” than the alternative! :slight_smile:

However, I’m thinking the other variable in this could be whatever progress Nine makes with Southern Cross regarding local news beyond their noodle updates. If the catalyst of finally switching NBN’s main channel to a “Nine” branding was being able to get other regional stations to be branded “Nine”, perhaps the news is in a similar boat - that things may be in a holding pattern at Mosbri Crescent until that’s sorted out.

If they’re able to get the partnership with Southern Cross to a point where there’s a localised Nine News on the Southern Cross stations with a similar “opt-out” model cut into the statewide bulletins - and by that I mean similar to what NBN does currently, having the story reads recorded-as-live by the main reader - then there’s no reason why NBN shouldn’t be following the same model.

That might happen anyway, say, next year if Nine loses patience with Southern Cross over news - but you’d think they’d want a consistent process at each capital city station if that happened, rather than Sydney having to go its own way.


I’d very much doubt the main newsreader from the metros would read a local window for Southern Cross. Apart from other reasons, it would add an enormous workload to what I imagine isn’t a particularly quiet day to begin with.


No I don’t think a newsreader from a big capital city would want to read a local section of local news from a regional area. The people from regional areas would resent that. They would much rather a different newsreader that would understand the local issues more than a newsreader from a big capital city would.


Kate Haberfield in the newsroom.


No it wouldn’t, the NBN and 7 Queensland presenters manage to do it just fine. As do all the Win and Prime presenters. I’d say that was the most likely scenario, insert a local window seamlessly into the existing 6pm news.


It’s hardly an equal comparison to compare the workload of a regional and metro newsreader. To claim that they would would easily be able to fit in an extra hour (at a minimum) of presenting news each day is ridiculous. It’s not like they just rock into work for a couple of hours then leave, doing nothing else with their day. There is a 0% chance that the metro readers will read any regional news.


The likes of Peter Overton and Peter Hitchener are probably busy enough during the day as it is (in the lead-up to 6pm they would have to record news updates, radio promos and goodness knows what else) without having to pre-record segments for regional areas.

Realistically, the current format for NBN News is probably here to stay regardless of any possible changes to the branding. If anything, I could probably see other regional networks adopting this approach to news broadcasting in the future.


In the case of Southern Cross Nine, I would be surprised if they adopted the NBN News format.

Mostly because I don’t think a generic base 1 hour bulletin for all of Sth NSW, VIC and QLD would work, it would need to have state news in it, and you couldn’t easily do state news as part of your pre-recorded windows since it would be reliant on feeder network reports which may not arrive until late afternoon.

Unless of course they are prepared to make 3 x 1 hour bulletins (for each state) with local windows in that.

As far as I know, 7QLD and Prime7 are No. 1 in most of their markets, so I can’t see them changing something that seems to be working for them


No they do literally waltz in at like 2.30, they’d have ample time. Regional presenters would do a ton more work than metro presenters, I guarantee you.


Gavin Morris has made the Triple M website. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen that photo of Gavin Morris used on a BuzzFeed article before…


Buzzfeed, the epitome of hard hitting journalism


Paddy Kilmurray still referred to NBN when promoting the NRL coverage tonight. I wonder when that will change?


Not sure, although perhaps it might be vaguely of interest that the phrase “NBN Television” has been removed from the start of the NBN News radio promos (as you can hear on NBN News’ SoundCloud page) this week.


umm… Why does 9 News Brisbane have the NBN News studio background on a screen of his newsroom??

Nine (NBN)

Do you mean the dotted Australia map?

If so, I would think they are both commonly derived from the dotted globe used across the network?

Also, on another note, I’m SURE this afternoon I saw a “Tonight on Nine News” super with three headlines appear during Hot Seat (sorry I was not at home when I saw it and didn’t get a chance to get a screenshot of it).

It must have slipped though from Sydney, as it was still NBN branded news at 6pm.