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See this post from February in the Nine News area when this was first mentioned.



I can only guess that NBN was using a dirty feed from TCN Sydney which included an In-Program Promotional Super for Nine News Sydney.


we always get the dirty feed - if you watch the shows at 5.30 like Getaway we get the supers with “NEXT: 9 News”


5:25pm update yesterday - “… and a tornado sweeps through the US state of New Orleans.”



Congratulations to Mitchell and Laura. :slight_smile:


In very sad news, a much loved member of the NBN family Ian “Beat” Hill passed away this morning. Many will have fond childhood memories of the wildlife series “Beating Round the Bush” with Beat and Art “Poppa” Ryan, and Ian was a much loved and respected member of the Newcastle media community. NBN wishes to extend our sincere condolences to Ian’s family.



Jane Goldsmith will be returning to NBN News in January next year:

Also, that pic of Gavin Morris has again been featured in a BuzzFeed article! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, I wonder what the chances are of NBN News picking up a version of the refreshed On-Air Presentation package Nine News is supposed to be getting sometime soon?

Yes I know that NBN News’ track record at relaunches isn’t overly fantastic, but since the station now shares a general manager with Nine Queensland (who’s news generally follows whatever the rest of the network is doing On-Air Presentation wise) I do think that NBN News having a refresh to match any possible new network news look is considerably much more likely than it would’ve been 3-4 years ago, especially after the changes to NBN News in February and April…


Earlier NBN News bulletin tonight to accommodate the NRL. 9 News Sydney and 9 News Brisbane also at the earlier time of 4:30pm for half an hour.


Check out some bloopers from NBN weather presenter Gavin Morris.


Probably at some point, however I certainly wouldn’t be holding my breath for a new look NBN News in the immediate future when they only had their most recent branding refreshes (mainly to further match the current/outgoing Nine News branding) in February and April this year!

And while NBN and QTQ are managed and run by the same executive, one would imagine that it’s network management based in Sydney that will ultimately get the final say on branding for news services on all stations they own and operate.


Journalist Kathryn Foran is leaving NBN.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

From the very little I got to see of her talents on NBN News during my North Coast trips, Kathryn Foran was a great reporter. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see her somewhere in the media again! :slight_smile:


New title card for NBN News:

Supers are still old (their equipment can’t even run that lot to the extent that 9 news did). Transitions are new though.

Clearly, NBN News isn’t being rebranded any time soon.


Judging by the updates posted to social media, they’re using the old supers with the new titlecard/transition graphics like Nine Brisbane:


I’m at my parents place in Newcastle and have noticed the new NBN News logo on Nine News Now.


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Can you post a screen shot or photo please?


The new NBN opener


So disappointing. They had the opportunity given them to change to “Nine News Northern NSW” and they decided to keep NBN News for the relaunch!