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Here’s the place to talk about the main news bulletin(s) airing on the Northern NSW/Gold Coast Nine Network affiliate.

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NBN News captured vision of a caravan chase through Coffs Harbour yesterday and the cops couldn’t catch the driver!

Anyhoo… it reminded me of the Holden ad… “ahhh bloody caravaners!”

This from 2CSFM:

Police on the Coffs Coast are still on the look out for a male drive of a ute towing a caravan through the city yesterday.

The man led police on a chase yesterday afternoon before it was abandoned due to safety reasons.
It’s believed the man allegedly stole two cans of energy drink from a local supermarket. Police attempted to stop the man when he performed a U-turn across 4 lanes of traffic on the Pacific Highway.

The four highway patrol cars called off the chase when it became too dangerous with surrounding holiday traffic.

NBN News crews were onsite at the time to capture the footage which hopefully may help to track down the driver.

If you recognise the vehicle, or have information on the driver, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Excellent coverage of the storms and floods in Newcastle and surrounds by NBN.

Last night Kate Haberfield was live from the SES HQ and actually anchored the first 10 minutes or so of the bulletin (after the throw from Paddy and Jane), doing a report and also throwing to Georgie Smyth’s packaged report and doing a summary - Kate proved she’s excellent live.

Nine also had Airlie Walsh in Dungog and Vicky Jardim in Raymond Terrace.

would be good if nbn news did an online stream like nine seven and ten do with there news i live on the far north coast and want to watch the newcastle bulletin

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NBN news now looks like Nine.


The opening supers also now look exactly like Nine’s.

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A watermark? That’s a first during NBN News bulletins (on a regular basis)!

Yep. Sadly it looks good!


Also using the new animated finance graphics.

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Which leads to the inevitable question…is this latest refresh (of sorts) to NBN News possibly an initiative by the station’s recently appointed General Manager?

Changing elements of NBN News’ graphics and branding to look more like those seen on Nine News would make sense if they’re planning to slowly phase the NBN branding out, but that’s just a theory from me.

Some caps:


The new watermark could have been an initiative of the new GM, since that would be one that is fairly easy to implement.

Unfortunately, still no Cool Hand Luke, but that, along with the opening titles, would probably take longer than a week to change.


If NBN News does eventually adopt a Nine News-esque titlecard let alone the other transition graphics in Nine News’ current look, then I think that the graphics wouldn’t be changed (on either NBN or Nine News) for at least another year or two.

As far as the theme music is concerned, I actually think that the current NBN News theme could work well with a Nine News-esque titlecard! :smile:

Given NBN have supers etc that are consistent with the network bulletins, I really think NBN need to do the same with the theme music too.

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I agree that NBN would need to adopt Nine News’ theme music if they’re going to go the same way with the supers and watermark, etc.

I just think it would be a step backwards for NBN to go from theme music that was first launched in 2014 and sounds quite modern…to Nine News’ current theme which is now eight years old and sounds rather dated! Of course, it goes without saying that Nine really should consider doing a new version of the theme music but I very much doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Also, if NBN News was to adopt a Nine News-style titlecard & theme music then I think that the Nine News-style graphical transitions and sound effects should be adopted by NBN News as well just to complete the package! :slightly_smiling:

they are as of today - the finance graphics animated and it had a sting and wipe back to the presenter. Sports graphics also animated and had stings.

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News update.

Bulletin montage & caps of the new/updated stuff:


Thanks for all of that, MLVD.

And did you notice for the first time in 3 nights, they had a Central Coast news window tonight (Mon and Tues were just a relay of the Newcastle one).

I was thinking they were having staffing issues down there since Samuel Djodan is now at the Newcastle bureau.

But still, it was just one report from Mike Lorigan and one v/o local item, the rest of the local window was Newcastle news anyhow (which is about par for the course).

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Thanks for the caps & video montage, MLVD! :slightly_smiling:

Quite interesting to see that the Opening Headlines & Coming Up supers have now been changed to look more like the Nine News ones!