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They really need to change the “NEWS” font on the watermark/supers to the font that Nine News (and now NBN News, especially on the newer titlecards) uses in it’s logo!


The problem with doing news the NBN way was obvious tonight:

6:09 - local story on proposed council mergers and a local Liberal candidate’s backflip on her support for a merger between Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Cut’s to Paul Lobb - “and we’ll have a major development on the proposed mergers shortly in the news.”

6:16 - Nine News report on council mergers and some being held-off being announced tomorrow due to legal action/political pressure etc.

Wouldn’t it have been more intelligent to hold the local story over, find out from Nine News which ones were being reported on (all Sydney, NOTHING RELEVANT to local) and then do a local angle?

Amelia Adams promo-ed this story before 5pm, so NBN had heaps of time to re-rip and report.


they should get the run down and then cut and paste over non relevant stories. Gets rid of GTV stories to fill the bulletein.


NBN shouldn’t be running a TCN local story on Sydney council mergers anymore than QTQ or GTV would run that story.

That is the problem with news in Australia. It’s often not “national” - it’s the local station’s story that is just run nationally


Spotted former NBN presenter Nat Wallace on TCN9 News tonight reporting from Central QLD.

I hadn’t seen him on telly anywhere since he left NBN several years ago.


Yeah, I believe that Nat Wallace is a reporter for Nine News Brisbane these days.

On a similar note, former NBN Coffs Harbour reporter Brendan Smith has recently moved to Nine News Adelaide.


was a producer for Nine Sydney, now a general reporter for Nine Brisbane.


Not sure what the go is with NBN and playout at the moment but tonight has been the second time in a week or so that the news has started before the signpost has completed - so NBN cut-into the first headline on the opener tonight instead of the start of the opener.


NBN News was an entertaining watch last night - some technical issues caused a few problems.

Paul Lobb stumbled and looked at his notes, then under the finance graphics you could hear him giggling as he read the commodities (not a funny report Lobby!)

Then Natasha said something about gremlins.

During sport, Paddy Killmurray also had issues and at the end of the sports he held his papers in the air and said “technology. Thankfully we can fall back on these.”

I think it was a large issue because weather was a little earlier and they went to the ender at 6:58 - usually they’re still in the middle of weather at that stage.


Quality control isn’t high on their priorities tonight either - introducing a Manly Sea Eagles report with 5 players injured and they just let a year-old story run in full which didn’t even feature Manly at all.

WTF is going on there?!


I managed to record a large sample of NBN News’ closing theme following the technical difficulties that were mentioned in earlier posts. It’s quite rare for a news bulletin to have a 90 second closer these days!

Also the NBN Facebook promo on the Central Coast bulletin didn’t quite match up with Newcastle, a second too early.


Nice theme as is WIN’s. It’s too bad they don’t do that if even once a week with a review of the week’s best footage.


They should do it on Friday with the best of the week.


As I’ve undoubtedly said before, the current NBN News theme is certainly up there with the best on Australian TV IMO. It’s just a pity that the theme is often slightly slowed down on the closers!

Also, I agree with LeighF’s suggestion of doing a “Week In Review” type segment once a week. :slight_smile:


Nah, I don’t think a “Week In Review” segment in a news bulletin is really suited. Cause it’s “old news” by then, not current news.

Perhaps a better option would be something like that as a standalone program, for 30 mins or 1 hour once a week, maybe on a Saturday afternoon, dare I say, along the lines of WiNs “All Australian News” ??


“right here on NBN”… Like really? What do you want your station to be called? Too many mixed messages. Nine? NBN? Just pick one and use it.


Couldn’t agree more…

NBN’s News in particular has been the worst offender here, and it’s been like that for years, particularly since they brought in those horrible pre-recorded sign offs for Channel Nine reporters about 6 years ago.


People seriously need to get over the fact that the station is known as both NBN and Nine. If people are getting confused by two names then you my friend need help. In the US, affiliate stations are known by three names, their network partner name as well as a callsign and a channel number.


It’s the mixed branding in the 6pm news that irks me the most.

References to “NBN News”, “Nine News” and “network news” are often made in the same bulletin. It should be consistent within the one program.

I would like to think that the local news bulletins in the United States don’t have this issue.



For branding, marketing etc, it’s just plain WRONG.

Not to mention in the one news report “and the network’s Rob Penfold has this report” - a few seconds into the report “and Nine News understands” then a few seconds later “Robert Penfold, NBN News”