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spotted in my journey to Wyong today a Peter Overton voiced “exclusive” promo with the 9 News-style coloured logo on the bottom right of screen with “NBN News”

Peter finished the promo with “see it tonight, exclusively on NBN News” with a new NBN News endcard

It looked polished.


Was it a generic or story specific promo?


Story - same as what TCN gets but a different endboard


As mentioned in the Nine News Presenters & Reporters thread, Tahlia Sarv is leaving NBN News to become a reporter for the Brisbane newsroom:

Tahlia was a reporter at NBN (first in Taree and later Newcastle) for about two years and prior to that, reported for Prime7 News in Taree on an occasional basis.


NBN Central Coast aired a farming report from Nine News Regional tonight from Wagga Wagga!
Truly bizarre.
Connor McGoverne was the reporter.
There were no local reports in the window tonight.


No cover up (below).
They are only too eager to brand Nine News reports as their own to suit them, but not when there’s an error.


I also saw that here in Moree so I’m thinking it went across NBN’s entire broadcast footprint


in the Hunter submarket, Gav lost his microphone last night and stumbled around for a good 30 seconds before moving onto the weather forecast


That would have made for a long music play out to the ad break at the end of the prerecorded weather segments for Northern regions.


Probably more like a long bit of silence and the NBN News website graphic on screen, knowing that there hasn’t been ad breaks after the weather (with a final segment + Closer after that) on NBN News for a good 2-3 years now! :wink:


Oh yes, you’re right.
Of course.


First time I have seen this. Kate Haberfield crosses live to Channel Nine reporters.

When the reporters crossed back they told viewers to “catch the footy tonight on NBN”

The closest Is when they crossed live to a Gold Coast nine reporter (who promotes both NBN and Nine on his Twitter) but I’ve never seen them cross to a TCN reporter


Which is interesting, as whenever the NBN sports presenter promotes the football coverage during the news, they don’t mention NBN any more, it’s just “we’ll have the coverage tonight at 7:30” and that’s it.

I get the impression that they are only allowed to use two brands on air, “Channel Nine” or “NBN News” (the Big Dog Goodnight that has an NBN logo in it is an exception for some reason).

Theie apparent reluctance to refer to the Nine brand during the news suggests they still have an aversion to that, logo cover ups and altered sign offs are still abound as well.

External advertising eg signage is nearly all “NBN News” (along with legacy NBN Television signage), I have not seen any Channel Nine signage anywhere in Newcastle yet.

And social media branding is still heavily skewed towards the NBN brand as well.


Re, the NBN News branding situation: I’d genuinely love to know if the TCN and NBN newsrooms have a healthy working relationship (as they should IMO) or if there’s some form of long running internal rivalry between the Sydney & Newcastle stations of the Nine Network.


NBN have always been like this in terms of wanting to maintain their own brand and not co-brand at all , more so than any other regional TV station I think, even WIN. eg. There was a time when they were doing their own sports intro over the Wide World Of Sports openers.

I don’t know why.


They aren’t Channel 9 reporters though - it’s Stephen Mount, NBN News reporter and Kurt Gidley, former Knight.

They’re just using 9’s mics as 9 is doing the game




NBN News’ coverage of Usain Bolt’s trial with the Central Coast Mariners in the A League left me thinking that NBN thought a playing contract was a done deal (with words such as “they have secured Usain Bolt” - far from it in fact).

They did 2 reports, Sam Djodan did one from Gosford for all of Northern NSW and Sarah El-Mosehli did one for the Central Coast sub market.

Nine News sent Mark Burrows up to do a report, and it was suitably more restrained than the NBN version.


Gavin from NBN News meets up with his Nine News Regional team

(for those who don’t know, Gavin Morris is an NBN News Weather Man and he also does weather for Nine News Regional remotely from Newcastle)


Gives him the chance to stand by the weather plasma and pretend NBN has the national set too.


The NBN Central Coast team - Jess Norton, Skaie Hull and a few others - are leaving Erina today for their new digs at 2GO and SEA.

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