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Something that NBN News wouldn’t have been completely comfortable with screening tonight…

Being this segment of a Nine News report with Jelisa Apps standing out the front of the Newcastle Knights home ground with a Nine branded microphone in hand. This was in relation to a report on the imminent return of star halfback Mitchell Pearce to the team.

What’s more, there was no “NBN News”’ sign off from her either.


One of ways to repackage Nine News reports for NBN:

  1. Cut out the signoff (unless stated otherwise); or
  2. Use “NBN News” as endtag.


(2) is what they often do, just not consistently enough.
Happens maybe 60% of the time.

Though it’s a prerecorded add-on and usually doesn’t match the reporter’s delivery.


Another thing is to use the local reporter and save the expense of having someone going up the F3/M1 to do a report. Surely the expense of keeping two mic flags or appropriately branded microphones at the office is cheaper than sending someone up the freeway for a report. It’s not like Mitchell Pearce has died and they’re going to have a memorial to him on Saturday…

Another reason why Australian television is going to die a slow, painful death. The networks are run by nufties, and believe me, I know nufties (previous experience).


OMG just rebrand NBN news already!! Then this problem is solved! They’ve already got Nine News brandind and sign-offs on all but the 6PM bulletin.

@SydneyCityTV send your mock in to TCN and NBN! It’s is a perfect halfway mark for a year or two, then full rebrand.


Yep, I agree. This type of thing really annoys me too.

From my observations, Nine News Sydney seems to have been getting their reporters to cover stories outside their viewing area (including a number of reports from NBN-land) more frequently in recent years - even for stories you think a Sydney perspective wouldn’t really be needed…like getting Sophie Walsh out to a snowy Black Springs (just South West of Oberon, which itself would be in the Nine News Central West viewing area) and just last night, Mark Burrows did the voiceover for the “Sydney version” of a crime report that would’ve been covered by Sam Cucchiara on Nine News Queensland.

I can only presume that Darren Wick and/or Simon Hobbs subscribe to the “viewer familiarity” factor - that Nine News Sydney viewers (apparently) expect to see Nine News Sydney reporters covering news stories outside the viewing area/interstate even when a more locally based reporter could do an equally or even better job.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking of sending the NBN/Nine News branding concept to them but am not 100% who’s in charge of actually branding the station and therefore who it’d be most relevant to. Kylie Bulcher or NBN’s current news director?


Yes, I think the “familiarity” factor is one reason why they do this, also that there may be a belief in the metro news room that

a. That metro reporters are better paid and thus do a better quality report
b. That they would also be able to cover the item from a city perspective better and not be too caught up in the local aspect of the story.


Thus the point about the nufties. Seriously - the only people in Sydney who are going to give a crap about Mitchell Pearce are the minority of Knights fans in Sydney, fans of the opposing team who would possibly form a minority in Sydney itself, anyone betting on the outcome of the match and Mitchell Pearce groupies. As much as I love Mitchell Pearce in my team, seriously, he’s not that important in the greater scheme of things to warrant a journo wasting time and fuel and money getting up and down the F3.

Nine would have been better off just getting the NBN journo. Quicker and easier.


I’d be sacking the news directors for wasting money. Seriously, if you want more bang for your buck reporting, have people on the ground ready to go. That is what affiliations are for.

Sending one person up the F3 just to cover a footy player’s return is a waste of money. Sure there are very extreme situations when sending a metro reporter to do a regional reporter’s job may be justified, but this isn’t the time.

As much as I don’t like the idea, you do have a point. Either call the station NBN and keep the NBN News brand, or dump the NBN News brand and call it Nine News.


Maybe just send it to both and mention it in your email, cover yourself just in case.


Yeah, good idea. A search online finds that a senior news director/producer for NBN also manages their graphics department, so I presume she’s the main person responsible for decisions made about their news branding.

Either way, I’m going to wait and see if 2CH responds to the mock DAB+ Slideshow Images before going onto NBN News’ branding situation! :slight_smile:


I would suggest not to waste the time of news directors with emails, directly criticising their work and telling them how they should be doing their job. Many of them do read this site anonymously and would have seen the feedback.
If they wanted to re brand as Nine News NBN or Nine NBN News, they would have done so - it’s not exactly an out of the box idea.


I’m sure he isn’t going to tell them how to do their job, but make a suggestion from a viewer’s perspective as it’s confusing to watermark the national bulletins as NBN News when they aren’t.


I don’t think the average Joe would give it two thoughts, given NBN has always been associated with the Nine brand.
As far as I know, they have been bugging Nine News for over a decade. It’s great exposure for their news brand and a good promotional tool to remind viewers about their local headlines at 6pm.


NBN NEWS HERE TO STAY??: An expensive looking “NBN News” sign has been installed next to the Hit1069 and KOFM signs at Honeysuckle.

I doubt they would have spent money on such a sign if they are ditching the brand.

ALSO: I know their sales office is in there but could that be their future news studio?


The office is at capacity now. There’s no room for news or anyone else unless there’s space on another floor in the building. I’ve been told Level 6 is only half full. Ours on Level 7 is completely full now that 9’s sales staff have come in.


As mentioned in the “Nine (NBN)” thread. NBN’s playout has been moved to Sydney.

When NBN News throws to a break it used to be a very smooth transition.

Has anyone noticed it now flickers then goes to a black screen for about 300 milliseconds before the ads start playing?


Dirty feed?


Saw this billboard at the Newcastle races today with a slogan that I haven’t seen before…

That would be true for Newcastle, maybe not so much for other markets.


The slogan “Your News Every Day” was used at the end of those fantastic promos which NBN News ran in Late 2015/Early 2016 (final news promos before the “Nine-ification” of NBN Television IIRC), so the billboard is probably a tie-in with that campaign.