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Which probably explains why there were no Central Coast reports in the local news window. Just a voice-over item on dredging near Ettalong.

The rest of the content came from Newcastle and Coffs Harbour, in which a Prime7 Local News mic flag (which doesn’t appear on NBN very often) did a good job of obscuring the NBN one.


NBN sent Tamworth reporter Amelia Bernasconi to Sydney to cover the NSW Farmers Conference, where Gladys Berejiklian was the keynote speaker.

Though the report failed to mention that it was in Sydney and showed Gladys on rural farms meeting farmers, so I got a surprise to see the reporters location on screen as below.

This was just in the Central Coast local news window.


@Radiohead Her report was also shown in Nine News (regional SNSW at least), with a Nine News sign off:


Ah that’s interesting!
Thanks for that.

I never knew that NBN reports were being aired on Nine News Regional too…


As they should. Gone should be the days where NBN and TCN send separate reporters to cover the exact same story.


Except when NBN and Nine News Sydney both send someone to cover the same story :grin:

Also interesting that when a Nine News Regional item airs up here there is no NBN News (or Nine News) sign off on them.


Although this report with Amelia Bernasconi in Sydney is a rare case of an NBN reporter travelling to the big smoke.

I still can’t quite work out the logic of that one.

OK, get reporters from TCN up North if it’s a major national story but there have been other occasions (like reporting on something like a vicious dog attack, where the only real difference between a TCN and NBN version is a more familiar face to Sydney viewers) when taking the NBN report would be a more sufficient use of resources.


Something I haven’t heard on NBN News before.

When promoting tonights NRL game during its sports segment, they stated “coverage tonight on Nine from 7:30”. Previously there was no reference to either Nine or NBN, just “coverage tonight from 7:30”.


I wonder how this may affect NBN News and Newcastle Herald.

Will they merge newsrooms?


On their news last night Natasha said it doesn’t change a thing and that they will still be moving to the Newcastle CBD


Enormous issues with NBN News going to air last night.

Black for around 40 seconds at 5:59:30 and then it went straight into a mid-report from the northern tablelands. It went to black again, into ads, came back with a split second of Natasha, went into ads again, came back midway into what looked to be a Coffs Harbour report, then black into the proper NBN News opener, with Paul and Natasha apologising. All up, the news started around 6:07pm.


Wow, and I missed all of that!


NBN News apologising for the technical issue.


Going by social media, it appears that NBN News reporter Sam Burbury has moved from Lismore (where he was for about two years or so…I think) to Newcastle in the past week or so.

While still on the subject of NBN News reporters, I think Jaimee Peasley (also a radio journalist for the SCA Central Coast stations) is a relatively new addition to the Central Coast newsroom?


Yes on both counts, though I’ve only seen Jaimee a couple of times.

Skaie Hull and Sarah El-Mosehli seem to do most of the reporting down there.


NBN News Gold Coast Content:


28th July 2018

Evening Sport Update

1st August 2018


You’ve missed the launch of the new NBN News promos today.

They look great!


Have I missed something, is a Nine O&O station still using their previous graphics package except for the opening title cards?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that NBN News updated the titlecards & transtions (which were also poorly implemented - if you look closely enough you can see the wipes that would’ve been used with the older titlecards/transitions!) but didn’t update any of the other graphical elements in October 2016 when the rest of the network switched over.


Yes, and still using the older style sets with no video wall.