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Let’s circle back to NBC News and away from Blackface discussions. If you want to continue to discuss the merits of Blackface, I’ve started a thread.


The poor ratings for the show didn’t help her, I believe there were even talks the show wouldn’t be renewed for another season next year. She never fit in with the rest of the TODAY show team. Will be interesting to see what happens long term with the 9am time slot.


I think prior to the events of the past week there was talk that she might stay with NBC News while the show would go.

Subsequent events led to a full departure.

Given that first scenario it seems there was general acceptance that the show wasn’t a good fit and that ratings performance didn’t justify renewal.


Her recent comments just expedited the removal of her from NBC Today. Now the hard task of fixing the 9am hour begins.


They might as well hand the 9am time slot back to the affiliates for their own programming.


The TODAY take hour will most likely be returned. They have a radio show and an online show. They will most likely re-vive that show.


Tamron Hall was one of the best things about Today’s Take. Such a pity she left NBC after they stupidly hired Kelly. Al Roker needs to be teamed with the right person if they have any hope of recovering lost ground. Hopefully they find someone better than Jenna Bush Hager.


They should get Meredith Vieira back to do 9 am, I don’t think she is doing much at the moment… from what I know :upside_down_face:


It’ll probably be Al, Sheinelle, Craig and Dylan for the 9am hour but it wouldn’t hurt getting some new people into the 9am hour.


There’s talk they want Guthrie to do 9am with others, like Kotb at 10am with Kathie-Lee.


Or they should extend Kathie Lee and Hoda to 9am as well.


If they did that they would be wasted by 10:30 with all the wine they drink. LOL


Peter Alexander is joining Weekend Today as co-anchor but will retain his role as NBC White House correspondent during the week.


Lmao so true.

Seriously though, that would be the easiest solution. The only thing would be Hoda getting a larger pay cheque to stay on air for 4 hours.


Make for some great television.


No way… Guthrie has no personality. It will be al rocker, dylan dryer and shennelle. Today’s take will come back. I loved that show so I am happy.


Agreed about Gunthrie (I meant to say Guthrie), and yeah so am I actually. It was very light and fun. Unlike you know who who’s gone bye bye :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I don’t think Michelle Guthrie would make a good anchor… not after her problems at the ABC


What happened with her at ABC?