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NBC News is launching a brand new program starting April 17 to replace the current Sunday edition of Weekend Today. The new Sunday Today will be hosted by Willie Geist.

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First Promo

Some grabs from the Highs + Lows segment from Sunday Today

Today Show news anchor Natalie Morales is moving to Los Angeles where she’ll be the show’s West Coast anchor and become host of Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live.

“On Assignment,” a special six-episode series from “Dateline NBC.” Each episode contains powerful, in-depth reports from the correspondents of NBC News. The series premieres Sunday, May 8th at 7/6c on NBC.

who’s that guy with the big hairdo? lol

Seems the title card has not loaded. I will try change the thumbnail to something more reflective of the show.


Those graphics look really well put together!

‘Nightly News’ debuts new open
The open, provided earlier Monday to NewscastStudio by NBC News, starts with a computer generated view of Earth before zooming in quickly to the New York City area.

The camera flies by the Statue of Liberty and over Manhatten before coming to rest on a view of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, now known as the Comcast Building, sprawling toward the sky surrounded by the complex’s other structures.

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Hideous! It’s so 80s - look at our fancy 3D gfx computer!


Gosh that is ugly isn’t it?

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Let alone the titles, that titlecard looks shocking compared to the old one.

In saying that, the new graphics package looks really nice (caps taken from videos on the Nightly News website):


While it would never happen for obvious reasons, imagine how impressive that new NBC Nightly News Opener would look if say…Seven did a version as a Sydney or Melbourne 6pm news opener.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I reckon something like that beats the rather dodgy knock offs of Seven’s Early '90s movie intro and Ten’s current news branding we have as the current images which define Seven and Nine at 6pm nightly.

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I don’t mind it, but I would have thought that the National Bulletin would have focussed on America instead of just New York.

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I don’t mind, but could be a little less CGI’y!

There sure are lot of stars in the NYC night sky.

looks outside Nope. That’s definitely CGI.

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Savannah Guthrie is on Maternity Leave so Katie Couric is anchoring this week starting today alongside Matt.

Meredith Viera next week.

Interesting too see this one play out. Great to see Katie back!


Katie back just in time to for Matt’s 20th anniversary as co-anchor. I’ll be making the effort to watch to see how they celebrate. The format has changed considerably since Katie was in the chair so I’m also interested to see how she’ll adapt to that.


Yeah few hits and misses the pace of the show has def increased over the years but otherwise she’s a pro at this gig.

Now how to give her the old job back without giving Savannah the Ann Curry treatment…



I stayed late at Sydney Olympic Park a couple of nights in 2000 to see the Today live broadcast just across from the Stadium. It wasn’t on Seven during those two weeks.

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