NBC News


Not a new set as such, just a massive video wall. Very similar to GMA.

It looks like they’ve lost both the lounge set and the interview set and replaced it with this massive thing.


I was expecting wholesale changes to eliminate all trace and memory of the pariah who used to sit next to Savannah.

I really dislike those 3D renderings of the logos NBC News has been using on their sets- the one in the first cap above and the peacock feathers hanging above the Nightly News set.


Looks great. Some of our networks should take a look (Cough Seven Cough).


The news ticker has been dumped by MSNBC. It has been used since 9/11


Love that desk.


Something about those graphics makes me feel that it’s all an CNN ripoff.


A little update on Lauer…


A very unfortunate segue back into regular programming after announcing John McCain’s death.


Megyn Kelly likely to be sacked by NBC from Today with a replacement show expected on-air from Monday, multiple news outlets are reporting.



I am not surprised. I watch Megyn Kelly today a lot i have the last 6 months worth of eps to watch on my pvr, so I have a lot of caching up to do but I hear the ratings haven’t been great but this latest comment on blackface is the last straw. Her management has dropped her already,. If Megyn does stay on, she will most likely have a less role on morning tv, but I don’t see how they can do that given the storm that’s erupted.

It’ll be interesting to see if they can salvage anything in a new deal with Megyn, or she can do what Jedidiah Bila did go back to Fox News, their sacred home. (Jedidiah was allegedly sacked from The View after staff were upset of the way she questioned Hillary Clinton email servers


Kelly’s problem is that in the hyper-partisan environment America finds itself in, she has alienated both sides - the Right hates her for criticizing Trump while the Left detests her because of her previous work for Fox News


Isn’t there a group of centrists in America though. It might be small but surely there’s some out there who doesn’t hate her?


And now a look at the “Unifying Force” that is Megyn Kelly.


I like her. Pretty much everything she has said that she’s being crucified for is correct. I love how both the left and the right despise her - shows me that I’m probably about right. And for the record, I also think people should be able to dress however they like (including wearing a sombrero).


I’m surprised she lasted this long…



I reckon ratings also a factor. This gives them more of a reason to get rid of it. I thought the third hour was going well with the other Today anchors prior to Kelly’s arrival.


That’s basically it. If it was rating well or even just as well as before, they would’ve probably kept her. Wonder what she’ll do now.


Today’s Take was so much more pleasant to watch than this. At least Tamron is hopefully moving onto bigger and better things. Ironic they axed her for this mess.


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