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Seriously? Robin Roberts and Gayle King are both host of their respective breakfast programs. Soledad O’brien presented Weekend Today for 5 years before moving to CNN to launch a breakfast TV program, American Morning.

Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts who presented GMA together from 2006-2009 are the the first all-female co-hosting duo on Breakfast TV.


I think in the narrative of the current climate, the choice is the correct one.


One week after announcing Hoda as the official co-anchor, the Today show has a revamped opener.

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I like it. Much less over saturated than the old intro plus the slide effect reminds me of nbc nightly news.


It’s alright, but I honestly think they should’ve stuck with the 2013 open.


That set in the last video didn’t last long did it?


It is still the set. The desk can move around to make the windows the backdrop.


It lasted about 2 years until it was updated in 2015.


Ann Curry on CBS This Morning is asked about Matt Lauer.


Not sure anyone was shocked if they were paying attention. Granted, everything up until last November that had been reported was flagged as rumors but still talk was there about his behavior.

It is really great to see Ann back on TV and Matt nowhere to be seen ever again.


NBC Today EP is leaving. He has been with the show 30 years.


Megyn Kelly hits back as Jane Fonda apparently continues to talk about the incident on her show a few months ago.

And an article including a video about The View discussing it, with guest host Ann Curry.


Still wish they kept Today’s Take over Megyn Kelly’s show.


The first 2 minutes if Megyn’s statement on the issue would have been okay, aside maybe for the snarky attitude but the rest was really unnecessary. She won’t win any fans or longevity for her show as part of the Today brand by those kind of displays.


Looks like Seven and 7TWO will continue to show NBC Today during the Winter Olympics, but will Seven have to omit any Olympic-related content from the show, even though both Seven and NBC are official broadcasters?


Apparently NBC Today will be unveiling a new set on their Monday show. Studio 1A Hasnt been seen since they started hosting from the olympics, so theyve had time.


Can’t wait. NBC Today’s always had the best set compared to GMA and This Morning.

Hot, innovative, bold, exciting, warm, professional.

I wish Sunrise (or Today or even News Breakfast) will copy their set designs and their graphics.


Wow they go through their sets! When was the last update to it done?


Their last big update was in September 2013 (from a set that was basically unchanged from 2006), and they had a bit of a makeover of that one in September 2015, but the basic structure and layout remained the same.


Don’t know about Hot… It looked rather bleak to me. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.