Blackface: A MediaSpy Thread

No I don’t think so. Not her latest one. How can you defend someone’s comments like she said about blackface?

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Because why shouldn’t a little girl dress up as Diana Ross if she wants? It is not evil to put black (or green or purple or orange or pink) paint on your face. Or to wear a sombrero on your head. You tell me why it should be illegal.

Clearly you don’t get the significance of how blackface is seen in the United States or around the world. Maybe do some research, and you can see why it’s a big issue. Plus Megyn Kelly has put her foot in the mouth before with her racist comments on Fox News with “Santa is white”… and her comments to derogate of whole race based on her comment last week just shows to you that there is a pattern. One mistake, I can buy, but not when she’s repeatedly done so again and again.

Anyway NBC have made the right call, her show was not that great, and ratings were bad apparently and she doesn’t really fit in the morning slot, she belongs at Fox News. or somewhere we she won’t do more damage to her credibility. Maybe it’s the end of her career, who knows. NBC was looking for an out, and this mistake was the one it needed, although ratings would have been a major concern.

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The response I expected. You didn’t address my answer.

And whiteface is perfectly fine, yeah?

It’s not illegal… but given the history of slavery and black relations generally in the United States and the role blackface played in the stereotyping of African Americans in a subservient role, it is considered crude and unsophisticated to say the least… and downright racist to many/most.

It certainly doesn’t have the same resonance in Australia and the scenario you paint about Diana Ross and a little girl might well pass unnoticed here.

But most people here and elsewhere these days don’t want to perpetuate crude stereotypes.


Really? Tell that to Donald Trump.

Inotherwords, other kinds of stereotyping is 'considered" fine and dandy. Just not when it comes to black people.

Inotherwords, stereotypes of Trump = OK. Stereotypes of Barack Obama = racism.

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No not at all… I think most people find Jewish stereotypes to be fairly crude as well along with the portrayal of gay people as limp writsted fairies… not to mention the Irish as stupid… that’s 3 off the top of my head I’m sure there are plenty of others.

Exactly my point. And… wait… let’s see… there was just … I dunno… one category that was missing there…???

Oh yes, old white men…

Yeah but we aren’t talking about Donald Trump… we are talking about Megyn Kelly and what she did.

Which was to say that a girl should be able to dress up as Diana Ross. Which she should.

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This is my exactly point and Jens didn’t really address my point. If he or she looked into the history, then that particular member of this forum would be able to see the whole history of Blackface, the salvery and why it’s still haunts the African American race till this day. Donald Trump doesn’t help matters with his crap either, he’s bought out the uglyness of it all even before he even reached the whitehouse.

I think people like Megyn Kelly try to obviously simplify a not so simplified issue, and for that her comments were met with distain immediately.

Hahah at Jen’s “whiteface” lol ? Who ever does that? A typical response that white people are victism fo whiteface? haha. Typical.

I think you’ll find the 3 examples I gave don’t preclude old white people… plenty of old white guys who are Jewish, Irish or gay… sometimes all 3 in the same person.

I think people shoild just be nice… the mantra should be “don’t be an asshole… to anyone”

Anyway, you have your view that’s fine… to bring us back on topic… Megyn Kelly would have survived if she was rating… she wasn’t… she was a bad fit.


Agreed, back on topic I always felt Megyn was very uncomfortable from the get go with her role at NBC. She had just started before the Matt Lauer shit storm happened. I also think her critiizing of NBC organization of how the handled the sexual harassment matters and other things didn’t win her any favours either.

Again, typical answer. You don’t address the question. Because you cannot argue it. Did I say white people are victim of whiteface? No. Where did I even say the word victim. You are the one claiming it is all about victimhood. I am saying the opposite now.

You cannot argue yours. Typical response form you, but I have had my say on here. We’ll just agree to disagree on this . You have your view, I have mine.

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Yes but they are in identity groups. I personally think the caricatures of Trump are fine, but then I think all caricatures are fine. Do you all think the caricatures of Trump are fine, and why?

I have argued mine.

Caricatures generally fall under the catergory of satire rather than stereotyping, the 2 aren’t mutually exclusive but when the subject is a public figure I think it’s fair to say it falls under reasonable satirical portrayal.

In answer to your question I have no problem with satire focused on any public figure, particularly politicians. In fact I think it’s an important part of the democratic process.

OK, now we’re making some sense. So a President Obama caricature is fine as well, right?

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