My Room Telethon (Melbourne)

It is also shown in Tasmania, SA and WA.


I think this could have an Idea for Eddie McGuire to Host a Live Variety Show On Nine In 2020 As Melbourne has always been Television City.

That ended about 30 years ago.

This is actually very watchable - or at least the 20 minutes I’ve seen has been. The music bits with Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell have been fun as was the Roll’d soup race.

More variety of this nature could work well. Better executed than Rove was last week.


Agree. Nine should look at utilising it’s old production crew for the footy show. They seem to know how to produce live tv very well.

It worked well as one-off, not sure it could be done weekly. Be interesting to see the ratings this morning.

It was a very Melbourne centric production but I suppose it was produced in-lieu of The Footy Show (guessing Nine had already done a deal with My Room to do the Telethon before The Footy Show was axed) which was why it went into SA, WA and TAS too.


Did I hear correctly that John Howard (the actor) dropped the f-bomb on live tv last night?

Yes, it was after 9pm though. They all laughed about it and then Eddie said something to cover it up like that “What’s that John, you’re having Good LUCK?”


It may be after 9pm but it’s still a telethon with kids involved. Good cover up by Eddie. Perhaps he thought it was pre-recorded? I didn’t see him say it but I saw him afterwards when he was holding the snake and he seemed a bit out of it.


Not so sure if it was on in SA/WA, I could be wrong though. It was also in regional VIC/Albury, not specifically Melbourne.

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According to online TV guides it was on. Haven’t heard any SA, WA and TAS members confirm.

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Nine News reporting on a telethon that happened last night. For me it wasn’t on last night or in the TV guide. Or is it only for selected areas???

Was definitely on GTV and WIN Victoria last night. Was it on in SA and WA too?

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For Sydney at least it wasn’t on so I suspect it is for selected areas.

It was held as part of the AFL Footy Show Grand Final episode and only shown in AFL markets.

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Oh so that’s why. Thanks for the information