My Mum Your Dad


Parents of Australia, brace yourselves! Channel 9 today unveiled a brand new, unique and raw dating series bringing hopeful single parents together in the quest for love.

Grown Up Love sees parents ready to find “the one” second time around and re-enter the daunting modern dating world.

Hosted by, radio and television presenter Kate Langbroek , in this fun and heartfelt series a group of brave parents come together in the hope of making a genuine, lasting connection that could ultimately lead to true love.

Divorced or widowed, these single parents have had their hearts broken, been the heartbreakers, lost the love of their lives, or maybe never even known true love. And now they are ready to find their dating confidence again, jumping in the deep end at a stunning private retreat where they will have to navigate all the pitfalls of trying to establish a new relationship.

From touching, major breakthroughs to shocking confessions, the parents lay it all on the line at the retreat, where the experience shines a whole new light on their lives and delivers some unexpected twists that could dramatically shape their romantic journey in game-changing ways.

Grown Up Love is produced by ITV Studios Australia for Channel 9.

Yes what Australian viewers are asking for - another dating/relationship show :roll_eyes: “brace yourselves”


Yeah right.

Sounds like a cross-breed between Parental Guidance and Married at First Sight. Wonder what kind of a mutt this show will be.

Hope this fails for them.

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More like another reality show. I wish the networks would make a switch and try something different.

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Australia’s hearts will be opened to a whole new world of grown-up love in My Mum Your Dad. Kate Langbroek presents this heartfelt series about single parents looking for love for the second time around. What they don’t know is their adult children are secretly guiding them through the perils of modern dating. While this group of brave mums and dads are gathered at a luxury retreat, their kids have taken up residence in a remote bunker to watch their parents’ every move. Not only do they have their parents under surveillance, they also have a big hand in who they date as their parents navigate new territory in the hope of finding their forever person. These parents will find themselves in a raw and vulnerable position that their kids have never seen before. From touching, major breakthroughs and shocking confessions to funny, unguarded moments, the parents lay it all on the line in the quest for love. How well do these kids really know their parents? Would you trust your child to choose the right partner for you? My Mum Your Dad is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the 9Network.