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Just a couple of months late, sequel was in cinemas? I’m guessing Nine already had rights, but SBS beat them to it, so worthless airing it then. Used to be on Seven, though they hadn’t aired it in a few years or so.


True. Batman vs. Superman is a FTA premiere though, might want to check with our new pro in that area JohnsonTV who has de-throned me.

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I am the same as you. I generally watch most things on a 30 minute delay. There are very few things I watch on free to air these days, most of my viewing is done online.


FTA can be an opportunity to see a movie in fairly good quality HD for the first time. In addition, some like last night’s Killers are new anamorphic prints; but yes, you have to record and skip the breaks.


wrong thread maybe, but while we’re on this

I watch a significant amount of movies on FTA (as you know and I’m an advocate for it) but 85% of the time I DVR and remove the ad breaks, sometimes saving to a USB or copying to DVD-R if it is one I like but don’t already own on DVD.

Good way to come across a flick you don’t own and haven’t either seen before or in a while, but also don’t want to necessarily pay for nor illegeally stream (usually bad quality).


I own a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray/HDD recorder, and with most Panasonic machines it has the option to partial delete. At times I would record a film and if I want to keep it I can remove the ads with the Partial Delete option.


Legal gray area.


I also have this (couple of different models). The newer one I have doesn’t have a BluRay player in it though, about the only bad thing about it. Love the partial delete, they’re a great system actually- love the epg, easy to use. Have a few movies stored on mine, mainly kids movies for when I can’t be arsed getting out the DVD (or they want to watch Space Jam AGAIN, which I don’t have for some reason).


Yeah. Saving a recording of a television program to DVD or other storage device for personal use is allowed. However, you can’t keep the recording indefinitely in your own personal library.


Spot on. This is me, though not the same model as yours.

Uh oh, then (and I think Australia’s foremost historical TV video archive/guru Zampakid may also be in trouble there :wink:)


Hmm, it seems that Seven’s version of Harry Potter isn’t the extended version which Nine had always used since they first aired it.


I’m sure Warner Bros TV would’ve provided Seven the latest digital HD copy or whatever available to distribute, but perhaps the “extended version” to which you refer wasn’t available for the required means?

NB/ Seven, as per usual with movies, also removed the opening logos/credits…


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@eddel @MBB
It’s weird then how such said situation was never done earlier this year by Disney Australia “Incredibles 2” (one of the biggest films this year over $1.2b and one of most critically praised).

As Seven have Disney TV rights.

As in the original “The Incredibles” from 2004 never ran on any FTA channel and hasn’t done for a few years now.

Which gets back to what I was indicating, unless a network has the film licence/runs (which Seven clearly don’t anymore for that film - they surely would’ve aired it!) then these “sponsorship” deals can’t happen.


Exactly. Because that “Package” may have not been able to have been bought/sold/done for some reason.
There I imagine are potentially a number of factors, legalities and contract reasons why it probably wasn’t acquired. Its also possible that Disney just wanted to sponsor generic kids films across Seven, which I believe I did see when Incredibles 2 was coming out/out in cinemas.
Both parties have to want to create a deal to benefit both sides, just like any daily thing.


Just for clarity, I worded my original reply to MBB wrong.

When I said “I doubt it”, I thought MBB was saying Roadshow were involved in getting the HP films to Seven. Which would be incorrect, as Seven needed to have had the tv rights from Warner Bros (who distribute HP) first, otherwise this whole sponsorship/marketing partnership couldn’t have happened.

And in terms of my reply to @Bort, I thought he was saying not all content acquisitions come from content supply deals, which is incorrect, they of course do from some deal.

@lexington’s comment makes most sense, in that Seven acquisitions/progamming (as I’ve been saying) needed to have had the HP rights in the first place, before any of this could happen.

NB/ Thanks to @littlegezzybear, here is a link to Seven’s presser on the Season of Magic partnership:

I was never trying to disagree this wasn’t a sponsorship situation, which you couldn’t not see, uneqouvical just looking at last night :+1:


Or do you mean Waterworld ruining Kevin Costner’s career?

I thought the film was ok, it was eventually profitable, the show at Universal Studios Hollywood is great, and Costner’s career is going along nicely of late.


7mate promo for Die Hard marathon (from their Fox deal) claiming “every film … for the first time ever … over 4 massive weeks” yet I’m 99% positive that Ten did just that, more than once.

And 4 films is not the franchise (unless they’re airing more than 1 per week?) And Only No. 4 onwards hasn’t been on Seven in the past.


Big coming back to the Seven Network this Monday…


Haven’t seen this in many years on FTA, can’t even recall Ten airing it the past decade?


AFAIK, Big was mostly shown on Eleven throughout 2014-16.

Judging by this guide below, this is their first screening of it on Eleven…