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75th anniversary opening for Back to the Furture III


Someone make sure @Sully is alright


Shown before Lethal Weapon 4, normal Warner Bros logo plastered over the 75 Years version. Poor Plastering.



It should have started with the shot of the Warner Bros studios morphing into the Warner Bros logo. Why would it have been changed I wonder, particularly because if it was going to be changed to add the current corporate name, A TimeWarner Company is outdated and now wrong.


It would’ve been the latest copy Warner Bros provide to TV networks, they all seem to have that 2000-ish ‘golden waves’ opening from most of the ones that Seven have aired for the first time the past few years.

Whereas Nine’s would all be old copies dating back decades on their servers.


Nah, wouldn’t be on a server, it’d be on a scratched DVD. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol imagine if tv networks operated like that


Btw, the copy of Die Hard on 7mate tonight it terrible. Grainy, bleak and old looking as (could it really be the same one they would’ve premiered back in like 1990 or 1991?) Either that or this TV is shot or my eyes need testing. It’s getting a lot of reaction online tonight.


Where is the reaction? I can’t see anything negative on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using obvious searches.


Looked alright to me. Although, if I were super concerned I’d crack out my DVD copy and watch it.


It looked fine to me…


Fine here on 7mate HD. Looks like the remastered HD version too.


I wouldn’t be overly surprised if the movie didn’t look that great on 7mate SD via terrestrial TV, but that’s more an issue with their compression/bitrates of those services than their copy of the movie.


In metro areas 7Mate is currently running at just 1.88 MBps for video. That compares to 4.07 for 7Two.

HD stream in regional QLD is a bit better but lots of artefacts currently running 5.6 MBps which isn’t really enough for MPEG2 HD.


Now that Die Hard has finished; the bit rate has now jumped up to 5.01 for 7Mate; it is being allocated the highest bit rate of any of the streams.


7mate HD here is around 8.3. Die Hard started an hour ago.


Something went wrong. About 1 minute of black went to air before going to a commercial break. Sunrise Best Bits filler aired for about 5 minutes, then it crashed into the movie mid-scene. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wow, what thorough feedback! These images do look better than what I saw, must’ve just been sleepy late at night, though could’ve been the bit rate or whatever or the TV I was watching at the time (LCD Sony Bravia about 8 years old).

Out of curiosity, so no one could tell if Seven were possibly using an old copy they had? I’m always intrigued when networks get rights to a movie back to see if a new latest digital copy was provided or they’re using an ancient one on file. Zampakid and WA Tv videos seem to think not (I.e. new)


According to my records from observing old TV guides, Die Hard premiered on Ten on 26th August 1990.


“Michael” (1996) network premiere on 7flix 8:30pm Sunday week, a secret favourite of mine with three actors I like John Travolta, William Hurt and Andie MacDowell.
Another pick-up from their Warner Bros deal, I’m sure @Zampakid can tell us when it premiered on Nine, archival caps, etc for interest sake.

Also, this Saturday on 7mate is reminiscent of a Warner Bros triple header on Nine in the 1990s, Superman > Dirty Harry > Out For Justice!

7flix airing the original “IT” (two part movie) from 1990 (also Warner Bros) over the next two Mondays. They did it last year which coincided with the sequel’s theatrical release, but it rated very poorly, so that’s surprising.


It actually first premiered on Seven in 1999…

Apologies for not using my usual recording equipment