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Discuss everything related with films on television here.

Programming, scheduling, presentation and everything in-between. Add comments about the film themselves, but I’d suggest keep it brief, given there’s a “movie” thread in the lounge alreary.

Discuss classification in the respective thread.

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Another film distributed by Roadshow in Australia, which Nine have had long-time exclusivity.

Interesting seeing these Disney & Roadshow pick-ups from Seven and Nine lately, good to see networks not hogging content and change.

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Most of the Village Roadshow movies you have pointed out are from Miramax. Roadshow have had a long-term deal with The Weinstein Company to distribute its films in Australia, which included Miramax even while it was owned by Disney. I am wondering whether that is changing now that Miramax is owned by beIN Media Group, because Miramax has expanded their distribution office in Sydney, hiring extra staff over the past year.

Are you able to find out, using your industry contacts, what the status is with Miramax in Australia?? And what the status is of the agreement between Roadshow and Miramax??

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I love that :smile:

Interesting, I didn’t know this. Might have to read up.

Regardless, Roadshow still distribute them (digitally and to networks) in Australia. Much like Disney with Seven until now, I noted Nine have always had Roadshow.

As @JBar or @Sifon pointed out, Ten have obviosuly struck a deal for certain titles or a back catalogue of Disney & it appears Roadshow film titles?

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I notice Seven are repeating “Jurassic Park” (1993) on 7mate Monday week, as well as “Chappie” (2013).

They did the identical with “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981) a few weeks ago.

7mate (the night before - Sunday) appears to be starting a Marvel marathon, or at least Thor, with two “Thor” movies back-to-back, followed by an “Underworld” movie (another possible marathon starting).

Also, Christmas spirit it back, with first such film I’ve seen scheduled “The Santa Claus” (1994) on 7flix Saturday week.

Earlier in the week, a couple of Sandra Bullock titles "While You Were Sleeping (1995) & “28 Days” (2000).

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“Con Air” (1997) on yet again tonight, ONE :expressionless:

Ten now exploiting this as much as Seven did!

It appears Ten will be repeating their network premiered (Disney) movies on their multi-channels, “Flightplan” (2005) also scheduled for Sunday.

Nine does it too

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“The Green Mile” (1999) runs for nearly 4 hours on Seven.

In Melbourne (7mate), 8:39pm to 12:32am :open_mouth:

Holy mother of God.

(Not even that many ad breaks, they can’t even edit down further to PG to air before 8:30pm, as most of the film would require editing LOL. Already down from MA to M tonight).

A beauty of a movie however :call_me_hand:

9Go! premiering the film “Ted 2” (2015) Thursday week.

As they now have rights to NBC Universal catalogue.

Seven aired “Ted” (2012) a number of times, most recently a month or so ago.

Ch 9 premiering the film “Burnt” (2015) Monday week.

As from their Roadshow deal.

The whole catalogue or just a selection of titles?

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Good question, I’m not positive. But pretty sure it’d be a deal by which Nine get the new films (premieres) and any other film they request, obviously paying for.

Whether its individual or as a package or bigger deal I’m not sure.

Whereas with Seven, the titles are lapsing (they haven’t premiered an NBC Universal title all year). Until a year or so ago, they had full rights, since 2010.

Edit for @NewsWeary:
Actually, I’m mistaken, the FTA premiere of “The Dressmaker” (2015) (2nd highest rating movie this year) was distributed via NBC Universal International Distribution to Seven.

Might explain why Seven have been airing a lot of repeats, particularly older 1990s/2000s ones this year, as they are losing them (e.g.) Jurassic Park films most recently. Airing again on 7mate this week, probably for final time.

Also, is it coincidental that this all occured, right before Nine premiere “Jurassic World” (2015) on Wednesday?

7mate will be premiering classics “Rush Hour” (2000) & “Blazing Saddles” (1974) next week.

As part of their new Warner Bros deal.

Frequently seen on Nine over the years, including recently.

Nine appear to have struck a deal with Sony Pictures Television International Distribution for select films, “Serena” (2015) premiering on 9Gem this weekend.

Seven have most Sony rights.

Also, SBS seem to not have the same rights restrictions as the commercials.

“Thelma & Louise” (1990) having its network premiere on SBS this weekend, even though its aired a number of times on Nine (including recently) & they have exclusive MGM rights.

7mate airing “Hulk” on Sunday night.

Is this not the same one they aired two days ago? :thinking:

Why are networks programming the same movies, this is dumb, shouldn’t be able to happen.


“Stargate” (1994) just aired on SBS Viceland last night & I see in TV Week it’s in schedule for Saturday on 9Go!

Same for “Children of Men” (2006), aired on 7mate last week and on SBS Viceland this week.


All I can think is, clearly SBS doesn’t have the same restrictions as commercials (as in, when a commercial gets rights to a movie, the two other commercial networks can’t broadcast that movie)?

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The EPG and online guides are showing Zathura: A Space Adventure at 7:00pm Saturday on 9Go!.


Nine programmers woke up?

More Warner Bros network premieres on Seven tonight:

•Space Jam (1996) on 7mate
•Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985) on 7mate.

•Sweet November (2000) on 7flix.

Another Disney network premiere on Ten:

•Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) on Eleven

Sahara having its network premiere on 7mate in Perth tonight.

Network premieres on 7mate (apart from those mentioned in Seven Programs thread), all under Warner Bros deal, all previously aired on Nine:

“Police Academy 4” (1987) & “Goodfellas” (1990)

“Police Academy 6” (1989) & “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” (2011).

“Police Academy 7” (1994).