Mock Studio Designs


Another shot of the studio
Edit: Added BARCO screen.

That empty space to the right would be the Newsroom. I will try making a newsroom from scratch. I may not be here tomorrow as my 2nd quarterly examination is nearing and I have to focus more on my studies than on these posts. Sorry!
I’m a Filipino, not a Singaporean. I just like this.


A better studio upgrade for 10 News First
Still a few small detail things and stuff like that to add but getting feedback on this idea.
PLANS : Riser for the desk and more small details, build the newsroom backdrop, adjust the back riser to have more of a step feel and some more details,

I feel the right side (SPORT) is empty compaired to the left side (NEWS/WEATHER)


I’ve made some changes.


Looks fantastic, you’re very talented. Keep it up :+1:t3:


Few more minor changes and placed into an actual newsroom


Amazing. So many possibilities of what can happen at Pyrmont, just imagine what may come next year if 10 do end up redoing some of their sets with some CBS influence for good measure.


Really like the design but the desk looks as though it’s been shoved in the corner. Feels like it needs more space between the desk and the newsroom.


I’m sure you’ll continue to tweak it, but seriously, send this into Ten! It’s a brilliant design, plus it’s unique on Australian screens.

I’d be curious to see how this would fit into the Adelaide studio space since we’re the only other one to have a newsroom backdrop.


My thought would be to flip it show the newsroom in the background and have sport looking more at other walls. Or screens (not sure of the layout)

I did think it was a bit tight but I tried pulling it further forward but it took up quite a bit of space and the backdrops didn’t quiet work. It’s essentially a bunch of circles of different sizes layerd to give depth.


wow! that looks awesome! wait…a newsroom?
you’re giving me a desire to make one again!
but i’m not in the mood, can you slap this file on my pm?
if not tho, too bad for me. i’d just go on and make one myself.


Perth is in the newsroom too.


Sorry you’ll have to make one yourself. Thanks for the feedback


That’s so sexy … hopefully they cop it.


If so, Grady, OK. I’ll make one myself.


Gorgeous @GradyACN well done. My only comment is that I’d like to see the inner platform which houses the desk not so cut off at the front. Perhaps some circular edge to give it some depth.

Otherwise, brilliant as always.


My original design had an arch on the front to soften the edge, I couldn’t get the edge to line up nicely with the edge.


Brilliant mock.
Here’s an idea.
What if they tried something different and went with a standing presentation for the entire bulletin?


Seven News / Today Tonight / Sunrise Perth

Perth needs a new set, something actually nice, Haven’t settled on a final design yet ( Thinking of going more european less State-side)


Hi Grady! I’ve made a new studio for RTE and TG4 in Ireland. I took a model from a guy called “woah” on TV Forum, and I modified it to make that studio. Here it is.
TG4 news studio

Weather screen wide shot RTE News Weather
So Grady, what do you think?


Looks good I like the world map on the glass to give some separation and depth between the studio and the newsroom, studios are nice and simple.