Mock Studio Designs


Mock Studio Designs continuing discussion from old forum located here.


This is for the former user on the old forum, @ USnewsie here is a fox and friends first mock i made a while bac, CBS Evening News coming soon and ABC World News



Here is my go at a CBS Evening News 2016 redesign/update
i am happy with what i have come up with, feedback and changes welcome



All of your works look great! A lot of wasted talent if you’re not already in that industry.


@RegionalTV i am in the radio industry, that also works very closely with TV


Excellent stuff grady :slight_smile: Particularly like the openness of the wider shot of the Fox and Friends studio. Would work great on air.


Love the fox & friends mock but IMO the dark red/blue stripes don’t match the nuteral palate and light graphics.


Fox and Friends Update for 2016for @MTLCK @killy06 i hope you like

also some CBS EN shots i haven’t uploaded yet


Great work @GradyACN, love it. Would love to see something like this used in Australia.


and here it is the ABC America This Morning Studio,

Main Open Shot

Anchor Shot

In Studio Guest

Satalite Cam Interview

Ultra Wide Studio open

Couch 1

Couch 2


Love all of them @GradyACN. Specially, the CBS Evening New set. They are in dire need of something new just like your mock. It could work well for them, very CBSesque!


more of a tounge in cheek mock of 9 news with a skyline feel? is that what your after, i dont quite understand the request so this was my interpretation of it


good looking desk design!


Sorry should have been more clearer. I was referring to the title card. But I don’t mind the look of the skyline


Something i have been working on is a redesign of Paul Henry, to bring the social media bunker into the main studio and give it more of a morning show feel, with a couch, adding a propper interview area and an on screen Green Room

Main Studio/Opener Shot

Paul’s Chair

News / Sport Throw

Wide Shot

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Social Bunker * is going to be flipped with green room

Birds Eye Of Updated Set

Birds Eye Current Set with social bunker


9 News Mock Studio

News Open/ News Update

Wide Studio Open

News OTS

Sport Throw


Weather Throw




Looks great! That studio design would look good with TEN’s atrium style building at Pyrmont in Sydney.

Would love to see a mock of a new look TEN Sydney news set to bring it into line with Melb, Bris & Adel etc. with the same style backdrop as that 9 News mock.


I wanted to try the same space but for ten Sydney and came up with this, @killy06 the other mock is coming soon of a more Melb, Bris & Adel styled Sydney News Set

Wide Open

Dual Host

Host 1

Host 2

Weather Throw



Very nice @GradyACN! I wonder if they actually had a space on one of their mezzanine levels where they could do something like this overlooking the atrium.

Only thing I would change would be replace the wooden squares with some blue light boxes or something, reminds me too much of the current package in Sydney.

Also possibly a different desk to accommodate 2 presenters & sports. Either that or sports can be presented from the plasma wall and weather done on a green screen somewhere or on location.