Mock Studio Designs


An idea I have been working on for the AM show which is something based off the idea of ITV’s GMB.
Thoughts, Feedback opinions please.


My newsroom is taking shape, I have changed the shape of the newsroom.
Here is my new look newsroom.

Two of the studios are for the national news in both English and Filipino.
The other, Studio B6, is basically for the world news, which will air on The Filipino Channel.

For those who don’t know The Filipino Channel, it’s ABS-CBN’s overseas service, based in Daly City, California. It’s an American city with a big Filipino history and abundant Filipino heritage.

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I like this. A lot.


My old newsroom has been tweaked.
I’ve done the following changes:

  • Removed the World News studio
  • Added the newsroom
  • Added 2 more studios: the interview area/On the Spot studio and the sports news studio)
  • Changed the gallery layout.

Here’s a glimpse of the new newsroom:


I promise Iwill upload renders of my Gold Coast Games studio soon. It gas been so frustratubg. (Reason for it not be posted) tryibg to place the lights is annoying since it is lagging a lot.


I’m sure I’ve been told thisbefote. But how do you get transluscent glass desk tops? Every thing I try i just end up with a dark reflective surface. I have used glosy transparent, thin glass, specular etc.


Walang anuman. (Ang asawa ko ay pinay, so I know a little bit of Tagalog. :wink: )


A few renders of my Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Studio, if Seven had done something like this it would have been expensive. The screen behind the interview area is a digital screen, but designed to look like a window


TEN Daily studio space 8m x 6m could easily be retrofitted into an old conference room to expand the video content offerings for TEN Daily.



Looks great and just what they need for this kind of thing to service the sites aim for short form video content. Nice work!




I am attempting at a few mocks. I am wondering, how can I make beam lights, the type used in concerts/stadiums. I thought it might be cool if I included these in a studio etc. (photo attached for ease of understandment. I have looked on indigo tutorials, but they don’t seem to be much help) Also I notice some of you have the new indigo, I have tried installing it, but it won’t allow me to make it an extension of SketchUp, any help here? Image



This would be perfect for 7news Adelaide! It would just require a bit of a makeover to achieve this!


is anyone here good with doing simple animations with things like adobe animate etc.?? if so, could you pop me a quick message?


If you look at Seven’s coverage of the last state-election you will see how big the studio is. Capable of at least the size of the Melbourne set (doesn’t have to be a rectangular set).

BTW, great mock Grady.


Please send this to Adelaide and Sydney! It’s a perfect fusion of the two.


Ok so I’ve been toying around in Sketchup for the day trying to rework Seven’s Martin Place studio to be even more versatile. Most of the setup is the same, however I have removed the Seven News set and incorporated it into the Sunrise performance and soft set areas. This is what the new studio would look like (graphics are as a guide only, I don’t have enough time to source and scale graphics specially):

Seven News Sydney:
Seven Sydney Sport and Weather:

Since the desk can be moved, when the windows are being used as the new performance area the desk can still be functional from the other end of the studio:

And of course, because the walls are either lightboxes or screens, the style of the studio would be easy to change:

BTW, the desk used for all programs would be the same, with a centre filler piece added for Sunrise (with the arches) and a 3D 7 added for everything else. The desk front and the ‘7’ are lightboxes so the set’s colours are easy to change.


I haven’t replied yet as I have to focus more on my studies (again?). By the way I am currently making a newsroom concept for a fictional TV station “owned” by a friend on Youtube. Real name is Jonathan Domondon. Youtube username? I will keep it to myself for now. Anyway, it hasn’t been done yet.

The original concept made in Powerpoint by me:

Anyway, here I have VTN’s fictional backstory:
CNN Philippines collapses in 2017. Jonathan Domondon takes over as the channel head and renames it to give it a more Filipino look. That name was Vinta* Television Network.

Note: Vinta is a Filipino boat that you can often see off the coast of Zamboanga.

Images ripped from BBC News 24 newsroom in 1997 and one of my models on Sketchup.


Mediacorp newsroom concept, work in progress

For those who don’t know, Mediacorp is a Singaporean media conglomerate focused on the radio and television market, interactive media, print publishing and filmmaking. It runs 7 television channels and 11 radio stations, making it the largest media business in Singapore, and the only free-to-air TV company in the country.

Anyway, the blank space behind the glass wall could be a busy street. Imagine Mediacorp’s campus closed down and the studios were moved (again) to a streetside studio overlooking Cross Street.