Mock Studio Designs


thank you. can you make your take on my work?
and NewsAustralia was right! I managed to make something of my own, I knew I could probably make something just as good as yours.


I like the set design and the desk but I think that wood is dated…

Also I would use a lightbox over the plasma not a panel of the transition graphics.

Love this.


I tried again completely reworked the design, I hope it looks better.


Nice. Even if they made a virtual set that looked exactly like that it would look 1000x better than the mess they currently have.


My new studio for RTM in Malaysia, took some inspiration from the news studios of WSVN in Miami and WHDH in Boston :slight_smile: it took me 4 days to complete this.
How do u think, Grady?


Looks nice designs are coming along well the newsroom on the top floor could probably be set back a little bit to add layers like a real building would have.


the newsroom backdrop is a BARCO wall, meaning it could change images

for example, the newscasts in tamil and bahasa malaysia use the KL skyline, and those in mandarin and english use this newsroom backdrop as shown in the image, the backdrop changes to have a news ticker on them for breaking news


Now, can you make your take on my work?
I’ll be happy to see it!


That sounds cool but I feel it would be better set back a bit to give depth makes it look like a super tall wall is all,

Don’t really have the time sorry / not something I want to attempt at this stage.


Merry early Xmas to everyone!
I have redesigned the RTM studio to look more detailed. I also uploaded it to the 3d warehouse, albeit it being not as detailed due to upload limit.

Newsdesk and full view of newsroom Weekend opening shot, facing gallery Breakfast/interview desk Assignment desk (notice Ejen Ali and Upin&ipin on the TV screens at the bottom)

3d warehouse upload link:


Something I have been working on recently following the launch of Seven’s The Latest

Basically I have the desk and one back wall but now i’m stuck any ideas would be appreciated.


Something for today in 2019, Use the current studio space and drop in a news look alike set with a few changes to make it Today.


This is perfect! A lounge is one thing I want returned on the new set in January. The current set is so cold.


Brilliant idea. Totally should have a news-like set.


That backdrop is fantastic that’s what they shouldn’t of ditched during the 2016 relaunch… and they should bring back the floating clouds and transparent today logo.


Love it all, except for the background. Its too…distant? I firmly believe that a breakfast show needs a “Live” background. Which is Why I love sunrise. Get a generic street or something, with cars & people etc going past. Just make it feel live.


Hey Grady, could you remock the Today 2019 Mock into an The AM Show mock? Would love to see what that looks like. Cheers


What I would probably do, is either offset the desk to one side, or have it sitting along the other wall, than either all, or part of that video wall could be used with a certain camera angle for things like weather, or certain story introductions (yeah i know, my news language isn’t very good!)
But yeah, as I write things, I am starting to realise my ideas a limited too! lol. Definitely add in a few tv screens on the sides with The Latest logo. Also maybe a slightly curved desk would be better than the sharp angles.


@GradyACN where did you get the backdrop for your 'The Latest" set? Is it somewhere online, or did you just take an image from a video from 7news?


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