Merry Christmas


From my family to yours Merry Dogmas.


Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas to all



Anyone else with reception problems this morning?


Ho Ho Ho

Long distance television

Merry Christmas everyone!


Seasons greetings


From Perth to everyone… :santa::christmas_tree::gift:


Merry Christmas to all fellow Media Spyers!

It is very cool and overcast here in Newcastle, only 19 degrees right now, it got me thinking that this is the closest that I’ll ever get to a white Christmas here.

Has anyone experienced a white Christmas overseas? I’d be tempted to go to somewhere like New York one year just to try it, but wondered whether putting up with freezing or near freezing temps would be worth it. Add to the possible travel risks with flights being cancelled due to heavy snow.


Merry Christmas from New York!
Still 5 hours until I can officially celebrate :frowning:


Merry Christmas. This jumper is a crime against humanity, especially on a humid Brisbane morning.


Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! Hope Father Christmas brought you some good presents! :wink::santa:t2::christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas folks :christmas_tree:

Wishing everybody the very best and also thinking of those less fortunate or in agony in any way today, always feel for em.

Cue the first to post whilst sloshed tonight :wink: :wine_glass:


Get ready @Bort for the moderating :wink:.


Usually @OnAir takes that honour - he gets pickled by mid arvo, and his drunkposting captivates the mod forum

Set up mod queue and auto delete, you mean?


I’m running behind this year. Might be time for a Peroni and Penfolds to get this party started


I’ll drink to that… I’m just getting started on a few :beers: now myself.

Did anyone get any useful or exciting presents?

I got the usual 2 shirts and a book, but that’s okay. I don’t really need anything anyway.



Watching Christmas Vacation tonight might be a bit blurry for you then :tired_face:


Believe it or not Luke has the right idea


So…matlock is a Broncos fan? :wink:

Anyway, hopefully everyone on Media Spy is having an awesome Christmas! :slight_smile: :santa: :christmas_tree:

Tonight’s airing will be especially blurry if you don’t live in one of the five main metro markets where Seven’s main channel still isn’t in HD!


Merry Christmas, hope everyone has a great day! :slight_smile: