Merry Christmas


I’m about to have a late afternoon white port. Merry Christmas!!


Merry Drinkmas! :beer:


We will just leave it to the AI Bot AKA RoboBort :wink:


Merry late Christmas everyone.


Wasn’t sure where to post this…

Merry Christmas Mediaspy! :christmas_tree: :tada:

Random Thread

It isn’t Christmas until @MTLCK has uploaded a photo of himself wearing a festive woollen knit in the Queensland heat while giving us the middle finger.


Toasting Christmas with one of @Sully’s favourite drops. Have a good one all.


Went to the beach recently and took a photo of the New Zealand Christmas tree the Pōhutukawa Meri Kirihimete everyone.


Channel nine used a green Xmas package in 2004.


And some Prosecco bubbly and good old EH Holden of beer coopers right back at ya, @OnAir

Merry Christmas to my MS family :slight_smile:


Seasons greetings to all ! :smiley:

I don’t celebrate Christmas, only just have a few friends over for BBQ and we just watch sport all day. :stuck_out_tongue: I only just got out of bed its 11.32 here in Perth and I’m expecting them to show up in 20 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to you all!

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to thank the mods for not nuking my shitposts, and for the rest of you for putting up with my shit posts. Here’s to another year of bitching about WIN’s watermarks, 10’s scheduling, Nine’s copyright fascism and Seven’s virtual studios.



Your Brooker avatar has made sad there’s no Screenwipe again this year. But we should have some Black Mirror soon?


Don’t remind me :confused:

Then again, do we really want to revisit this year?


Merry Christmas Media Spyers

Snapped early this morning over Brisbane - no reports of any affect on TV reception.