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Is Kyle and Jackie O and Jase & PJ still on the air this week, even though most breakfast shows are taking the week off???




I know Jase & PJ are because I heard them this morning but what about K & J???


No. Highlights.


Who knew they had highlights


Ok but Jase and PJ were definitely Live


Vile and Tacky Ho has highlights? Maybe Vile has high blood sugar…not highlights! :rofl:


High blood pressure actually. Or maybe it’s both.


Isn’t The 3pm Pick-Up actually a legacy show from the former Mix Network?

If so, I’m surprised that program has lasted so long but I guess it must be paying it’s keep somehow…


Yep. It was aimed at parents picking up the kids from school at 3 o’clock hence the name. I think Chrissie Swan was the original host. I am surprised it wasn’t transferred to Gold/WS when KIIS was launched…would appear a more appropriate audience match.


Not really. Gold listeners are more likely menopausal than picking up the kids from school at 3pm.


Is it just me, or are Jase & PJ going downhill? Everytime I hear them on the radio or watch one of their videos it leaves me thinking that Jase is an arsehole, Jase is super precious or they have a serious workplace bullying culture (and sometimes all of the above).


I personally think with context it’s not so bad. Don’t know if you’re listening live or podcast or replay show…

Tim Blackwell & Marty Sheargold could be perceived as assholes/bullies out of context too


Terry Hansen to leave the 97.3FM Brisbane breakfast show


Terry has been considering getting away from breakfast radio for some time now. It’s a shame he couldn’t be convinced to take leave for 18mths.

He’s a great talent on air, tireless off air worker, always flying the station flag by attending events to support the station.

Excellent foresight by Barry Drinkwater and then group PD, to hire Terry.


I haven’t listened to 97.3 breakfast show for a while but I did for a long time .Terry is a funny guy and it will be hard to replace him. I’m sorry to hear he has to quit due to poor health


Was covered by TV news tonight.


@TV.Cynic would you be able to upload the reports?

Yes, very big loss. He has been the constant for the show.

There is one personality who is not on breakfast elsewhere who might be considering the move, however it’d be quite a departure from what they’re used to. Might as well experience life being screwed around by 973 because the current employer has done a good job of their own version.



@TV.Cynic aren’t you wonderful! Good on you again, delivering time and time over.