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From Radioinfo:

Kyle Sandilands launches tirade at ARN boss Duncan Campbell

And calls ARN management ‘corporate bullies’.

In an on-air tirade this morning, Kyle Sandilands has insisted he should decide whether or not KIIS FM newsreader Brooklyn Ross be reprimanded by station management for being too graphic.

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And it begins…


Kyle is good friends with Duncan. This won’t be taken seriously by management at all.


Personally, I would not be unhappy if Kyle Sandilands were to receive a lifetime ban from the media.

But for better or worse, Kyle & Jackie O have still been the #1 breakfast show on Sydney FM radio during most surveys in recent years so I can’t see ARN sacking him anytime soon - especially when Sandilands arguably got away with far worse during his time at 2DayFM.



Was it like a “gotcha call”, Kyle blasts the boss then calls him later off-air and says gotcha and they have a good old laugh.


It’s all just a game to get media.


Brilliant work in the 97.3 promo department. Pushing for 9 minutes of “noughties” hourly over the weekend, using a song from 998 (Hit me Baby One More Time) and a Movie Soundbite from 1999 (American Pie). :man_facepalming:t4:


Have you seen how many of his really good “friends” he has had major fallouts with, over the years?


Does Kyle like to have a beer with Duncan cause Duncan’s his mate?


Comedian Mike Van Acker will replace Terry Hansen on 97.3 FM breakfast.


Terry will be missed but he made the right decision to step away from breakfast radio and concentrate on his health and family. I remember when Robin Bailey was still with 97.3 breakfast team and she and Terry used to have debates about any topic. Hard to believe he was there for 15 years,a long time on breakfast radio


I wish Kyle would PIIS off. About as talented as a drunk in a tilt-o-whirl.


Remember that Ryan Wellington bloke who was his ‘manager’? That ended badly.

Another carefully considered publicity effort. It’s like that wrestling of olden days that people would be so keen to watch on B&W TV. Kyle gets on well with Duncan and the news reader ‘criticism’ not a true criticism.


New KIIS show Kris Fade Show Around Australia launches this Sunday morning (July 29).



Another stunt albeit well done.


Kyle and Jackie O have been doing the “6 o’clock ers” from 6-7am. Um. Blatant rip off from Fitzy and Wippa’s 6 o’clock club…




At least they have people listening at that time