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No. He was the only questionable one at that press conference.


This is hilarious. Agree @JBar


So their response today is “Who cares?”


So…if a loved one of theirs carked it, and we turned up doing what intern Pete did, they’ll just say who cares?

I wonder what would happen if it happened to them?


No-one died.

This was a dumb stunt and Pete didn’t read the room, but I place the blame firmly with Cricket Australia for failing to ensure only legitimate media were in the room. It’s actually bloody simple to do (pre-register etc), happens in other instances and CA didn’t do it.


‘intern’ Pete and his family have received death threats. Kyle & JO have received innumerate death threats in the past. Not really sure what you mean when you say ‘if it happened to them’?

No-one died. As I said before, a multi-millionaire cheated at a big business sport and got caught. Held a press conference and another guy made a dumb comment. That’s pretty much the extent of the story.

Here’s some of the audio from the morning:


Exactly. The whole saga is a stupid media obsession. Enough.


Conflict is the last string in their bow to attract news audiences, the same way that TV think the same with reality products.

So the conflict is confected, blown out of proportion and served to audiences, the gullible remaining swallow it hook, line and sinker as they trust the masthead.

From a radio perspective, I’d more focus on analysis of how lame Deppler’s question/s were. How could he have been more funny, provided better content.

Couldn’t care less that he asked trivial questions, the Canberra press gallery do it hourly when in session and no one bats an eye lid.

The discussion among media people should be that Deppler needs to improve his radio craft.

Basic premise of the idea is good, ask an unrelated question, get kick on media attention. But his question was plain lame. He over thought it.


Interesting discussion to have, and would be interesting to know the reality of if he was simply thinking on his feet or what was going through his mind. As a highly experienced Producer, I would suggest it was more of a case of not quite being experienced in that specific situation than a particular failing in overall radio craft.

I don’t have a problem with that discussion. I do find the comparisons to the royal prank call and other similar hyper-ventilating around it quite farcical.


The media smells blood.

Listeners tune out as Kyle and Jackie O dip further


You raise a good point - and while Pete’s not exactly a household name, he is reasonably well known in the media world, particularly in Sydney so publicist / media manager with half a brain should now a) who he is, b) that he’s a bit of a dickhead and c) that he’s definitely not their to ask legitimate questions.


The paywalled article that @JBar has contributed, is it current or from S1 release day?

There has been only one survey this year, it’s a nothing news if they’re dredging that up.

Need 4 - 5 surveys to smooth out some of the flaws in the survey methodology.

Remember they’re working in crisis comms mode, they likely don’t have enough staff to consider these side issues.

CA would’ve been desperate for coverage, so they would’ve initially been grateful for ARN coming and dismissed anticipating such concerns.


The article was posted a few hours ago but it references the ratings dip from S1.

ALREADY slipping in the ratings, Kyle and Jackie O have tried to justify their outrageous bid to hijack cricket captain Steven Smith’s press conference at the weekend. But listeners are having none of it, if their feedback is any guide. Serial pest Peter Deppeler, also known as Intern Pete at the KIIS FM studios caused outrage with his attempt to steal the limelight during a press conference.


This morning, Sandilands said he was unaware Cricket Australia had advertised with the show in the past.

“I believe we will have fewer ads on the show now because Cricket Australia won’t be advertising, which I couldn’t care less about. Everyone thinks, ‘oh it’s a terrible thing’. Don’t care – keep your money. Don’t care,” Sandilands said. “You keep your $25 worth of ads. I will live on.”

Jackie O added: “We didn’t shit can you when you were having a bad week… We were pretty much the only ones that didn’t shit can you guys when you were at your lowest but here you are, as soon as we make a mistake… We must be punished because we’ve done the world’s worst thing.”


Advertising from CA would be minimal, mostly, if not all outside survey and therefore at a throwaway rate that National Tiles or some bargain hunting direct client will happily shell out for.



Disagree. They knew it was going to be a circus (that much should have been obvious from the country being in meltdown). There’s enough crisis comms freelancers out there who can step up if required. Plus CA has a big enough media team to have extra on site.

I’m not sure about desperate for coverage either. They knew it would be a huge media conference (just look at the way Smith was cajoled as he left Jo’burg Airport). Cricket is never ‘desperate’ for coverage in Australia.


But do they know how to use them effectively and considering the number they have, do numbers really matter? If the quality is no good, it’s irrelevant.

You wouldn’t think so, but you’ve gotta think how modern comms juniors think. They’re always desperate, it’s drummed into them. The mentality is why media coverage is changing and not for the better. Get inside one of these orgs with a flush of recently graduated comms types and you’ll see it. Least that’s the case in Aus, unsure how it is for you over there.


News are on a roll with the Kyle stories now.


News Ltd, don’t care, don’t believe, don’t read it. That’s my feeling.