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Chemist Warehouse Remix on Digital Radio

Old thread:


Anyone else interested to see how The Thinkergirls show turns out. I think it’s interesting. On Nova and 2Day we have shows that have been on for years and everyone is used to their way of doing things. Will be very interesting to see now two females go and what direction they take nights on KIIS.


at least it isn’t another ‘countdown’ style show.


Matty Acton & Biggzy hosting the Summer Fling this week.


I am at the gym this afternoon and they have KIIS blaring. Pretty good music. The gym crowd were enjoying it.
The DJ is your run of the mill Top 40 DJ nowadays (he has a voice that has not yet broken).
This is the phone call he took around 1.40pm:
DJ: How is your day in Sydney going
Female caller (who sounds 13 years old): Pretty good and I am glad it’s stopped raining
DJ: What are you up to?
Caller: My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 4th year together
DJ: What’s his name?
Caller: Luke
DJ: Well it looks like Luke is getting laid tonight

The next song is played.

Reminder: The girl sounded like she was in Year 7

My whole gym: “That was creepy” So wrong" “What a sleaze”


#SoSydney, though.


If they lived in Mt Druitt they’d be celebrating their 2nd or 3rd child too if they’re 13/14… just celebrating with different fathers.


I really don’t know what to say about that. If I happened to hear that broadcast, I’d definitely be filing an ACMA complaint!


And if Kyle had said it…


Closely followed by ‘I wonder what he’ll say next - let’s listen and find out!’

The girl and her boyfriend are celebrating their 4 year anniversary - it’s pretty safe to assume she’s not 13. In all likelihood she’s a fake caller anyway.


It was less “I wonder what he’ll say next” and more “I bet he is not legally allowed within 50 metres of a primary school”

Even if she was 30 there is something wrong with a male saying to any female “I bet your boyfriend is going to get laid for a birthday / anniversary”

If you don’t believe me try this one on any girl at Friday afternoon drinks “I bet you laid your boyfriend for Christmas”

If a radio station wants to gain traction with females there are better ways than having male DJs suggesting to female callers that they reward their boyfriends “with a lay”.

Unless of course your name is Kyle. Or you are on Triple M. Or your name is Chris Gayle. Or you live in 1977.


Well it is on Kyle’s station isn’t it? The DJ in question is probably a Kyle sycophant as are all the people that work at the station who want to keep their job or seek advancement.


I’m not saying it’s right. All I’m saying is none of what Kyle says is right either. I personally hate Kyle’s show and find it boring. Yet it rates #1. Why? Because Kyle’s ‘oh so controversial - what ever will he say next?!’

People react to it not because it’s necessarily good but because it’s real - as in its obviously a real thought - and also because it’s ‘shocking’.
They’ll continue to listen to hear what the next ‘shocking’ thing that is said is.

Is it a good way to keep/recruit listeners? Personally I don’t think so. But obviously it’s A way - looks at the numbers.
Those people in the gym wouldn’t have even heard the break if it was some other jock saying something along the lines of 'xxx has just dropped this new track and I absolutely LOVE it, don’t you think caller??'
Caller: 'oh my god it’s my favourite song right now I can’t get enough!'
Jock: ‘well, here it is!’

As wrong as it is, I’d rather listen to a jock say something different than that dribble.


That DJ should have gotten Chris Gayle to phone in


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Off topic, but I’m still laughing at this article from The Betoota Advocate

“Close friend and fellow radio identity, Labby, from Brisbane’s B105 has today confirmed that Kyle underwent a gruelling 46-hour lap-band procedure in mid-December.”

(Obviously satirical)


former SCA Gosford/Sydney fill-in and breakfast producer Nic Kelly doing some work for KIIS in Sydney today.


Being a casual since December

Big loss to SCA - could see him playing a similar role to Byron Cooke in ways.


honestly think he’s too busy with his website and business to be a full timer now.


Or the KJ Show consistently rates #1 because the level of competition in Sydney is so poor.