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He has a contract with Fox so isn’t going anywhere.


So many staff …that it is a nationally networked breakfast show.


The production costs for local summer shows wouldn’t provide the return on investment given its non-ratings period. The production staff of the major shows need holidays too.


Re, Networked breakfast show over Summer: I get the reasons why they’re doing it, saves on money/resources and everything else while many are on holidays.

But I really think 2DayFM needs to be local over the break (except maybe Christmas/New Year) with a show that suits their music format which from what I can tell, skews a little older than most of the other metro Hit stations. Even if Sydney only had a music-dominant Summer breakfast show with only one presenter in the studio to break up the songs, ads and Traffic/News/Weather breaks, that would be a slight improvement.

I agree that consistency matters in breakfast radio, especially for markets like Sydney where the top rating programs are the ones with the presenters who’ve been on-air the longest.

But there were also some appalling ratings (didn’t one of the shows rate lower than ABC Classic FM 92.9?) and lacklustre promotional content along the way - who could ever forget the material where Dan & Maz looked strikingly like Triple M presenters?! I also don’t think it was the best idea for the 2014 program to be fronted by 3-4 hosts. Something like Sophie & Jules might’ve worked, but Merrick, Sophie & Jules with Mel B didn’t really click.

IMO, the only positive about 2DayFM breakfast right now is that two thirds of the 2018 breakfast team are currently expected to remain on-air in 2019. Still not sure if they really need three presenters though!


Nova have Fitzy and Wippa headlining breakfast but Sarah McGilvray is a valuable member of that team.

I think Grant, Ed and Ash works well.


The Fox Summer Schedule looks like this for the pm hours of the day:
Hits and Old School for the drive home 3-6pm (Local)
Danny Lakey 6-10pm (National)
Luke and Lewis 10pm-12am (Local)


Interesting the use of the term “Hits & Old School” on Fox. I thought they dropped it completely.

Wouldn’t it be better using Hit Music for the Drive Home?


IMO Hit Music is a much better positioner than Hits and Old School. You are right I thought after they changed RDS and On Air ID back to Melbourne’s/Summer’s #1 Hit Music Station, that they would play Hit Music and no more Old School. But that hasn’t been the case with the Old School 9@9 having still been played at 9 every workday morning and Old School music still being a regular feature in their playlist. The Hit Music positioner suits Fox better and quite frankly the ‘Hits and Old School’ positioner is old and tired. I think the only place where ‘Hits and Old School’ is alive at the moment is Brisbane. Anyway I think the only reason they still have announcers saying Hits and Old School is because they need someway to describe the music they play on the drive home, Summer’s #1 Hit Music Station isn’t really saying what music they’re playing so they say Hits and Old School. Because saying just Hit Music would be lying, you can check this in their playlist on online radio box…


That chart really highlights how much garbage networking there is now in metro commercial radio. This is supposedly the largest radio operator in the country, and only 33% of the day is live and local (assuming overnight is networked like it was this year).

How the hell are the radio companies going to find and grow talent? Poaching from TV? That’s the new pipeline?


It’s a pretty sad sight, isn’t it?

Then again, are Nova & KIIS really that much better? Last I checked, their local weekday programming is also just breakfast, mornings & afternoons until the networked drive shows come on.

The Hit Network has a vast array of regional stations (some of which do have on-air talent who have the potential to make it metro in the future) that could be used to nurture and develop potential future stars for the capital city stations.

Although I suspect that when it comes to finding new presenters for 2DayFM or Fox FM particularly at breakfast, they’ll be most likely to go for washed up celebrities because somehow they’re (apparently) more marketable to Sydney & Melbourne.

Random Radio

Totally agree it’s disappointing there no local late night shows or local weekend breakfast.What shows would you prefer weren’t national?



Many of those stations are networked after breakfast and are networked almost all weekend (where talent I’m sure could have been nurtured) and it’s often also a dumping ground for failed metro or major regional presenters.


I like both websites look but really wonder how many clicks come directly from facebook and twitter thus negating the reason to have a log on option.

If you wanna know why it negates the log on, because facebook’s own browser doesn’t save any details in any field which is good for security but bad as people complain about it being SUCH a hassle. I wouldn’t think many people for their news would go on hit or triple m and even if it were music news or something related to that, triple j does a good job with their news section.


Rubbish. Still booking decent revenue that exceeds the ROI of survey when one local announcer and journo at work over summer. Excuses of no staff, low viability are blatant lies by radio stations who refuse to properly invest in programming and are then caught out by it.


What on earth is going on with this guy?

He jumps from job to job every few months since leaving Kyle and Jackie O.

I know the article says he’s moving home for family but there must be more to this. He can’t keep a job at all.


Blame it on his generation?

Have you tried contacting him to ask? I read many questions on here that would be better served by a direct question then better served by general discussion of outcomes here.


You’ll note I said ‘show’ not ‘one local announcer and journalist’ given that’s what half the stations are doing anyway


Danny Lakey’s last show for the year was Friday, so interesting to see if they bring Hit Nights back to the 6-10pm slot and if it’s networked? Keegan is back in town, he did local drive on Fox Wednesday and Thursday last week, so maybe him? Otherwise local automated music could be the go?


Hit Nights with Keegs 6-10pm starts tonight.