Hit Network

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Okay mate…

The industry I’m in is nowhere near related to radio.


Yeah but are you in an industry though…


I have no idea what you are on about.

Moving on.


Any news on Triple M’s Sydney Breakfast, sorry but I couldn’t get any responses on that thread


Honestly couldn’t care.
I actually prefer H&K starting at 4:30 as it means I don’t miss much of the show by the time I leave work.


Thanks for posting the Hit schedule The Chase.

I have to say that the visuals are about as appealing as a plain packaged packet of cigarettes.


Starting shows at different times to the competition would help reduce listeners switching to other stations at shift changeover, although at the cost of a reduction in the people switching over from other stations.

The times are actually better aligned to actually movements of people. 3-4:30 aligns well to school pickup, and 4:30-6:30 better aligns to people driving home from work.


Where’s the regional Hit stations? Do they have their own one?


That’s a big schedule for Ash.

I’d say MC might anchor 2DAY Breakfast.


already confirmed


1019 The Fox is now Summer’s Number 1 Hit Music Station


Anyone know what’s happening tomorrow? Will Carrie and Tommy/ Hughesy and Kate repeats be on or will we just get local announcers like every Summer?

And I’m assuming Hit Nights is back?


Those Two Girls for Summer Breakfast 6-9am, Definitely be Local Announcers 9-4 then maybe repeats of Hughesy and Kate?? But I’m pretty sure Danny Lakey continuing for an extra two weeks 6-10pm, as Keegs is on holidays and Draco has moved to KIIS1065


My region still has Gawndy and Ash Pollard for another two weeks I think. But good to know about Wakey Wakey still being on.


Sorry, yes Hit Regionals still have their local breakfast shows for another two weeks, Those Two Girls only on the metros


I’ve always wondered why they go two weeks longer.


Good question


Because the regional staff are mostly on standard full time contracts with just 4 weeks annual leave a year - so they get a couple of weeks for Christmas and a couple of weeks during the year (usually mid-year).

Metro breakfast announcers tend to be high profile, higher paid, high maintenance talent that demand longer holidays, on contracts that have very specific conditions and requirements - so their contracts are more based around having them on air really just for the ratings periods.

Additionally, the metro stations have enough staff to easily fill in the gaps when teams go in leave, whereas that’s much harder to do in regional areas that have very limited staff numbers.


Thank you very much for this.

I think I prefer the regionals way of things!


Will Brendan fevola stay with FOXFM or will MacQuarie Media poach him to join MacQtyarue Sports Ratio 1278 Melbourne due to the Merger between Nine & Fairfax media being Confirmed last Friday?