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Discuss matters relating to the following SCA-owned stations.

104.1 2DayFM Sydney
101.9 Fox FM Melbourne
B105 (105.3) Brisbane
SAFM (107.1) Adelaide
Mix 94.5 Perth

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2DAYFM has a new TV commercial for the Breakfast show. Mumbrella has a first look.

I’m not sure if it will work, or actually backfire & turn people off 2DAYFM?

2DAYFM Breakfast TVC

‘Sydney’s most listened to radio show’

Yeah, I’m not a particular fan of that ad. It’s a bit too…over the top? I don’t know.

In any case, somehow I’d be very surprised if Rove & Sam are still on the air in six months time!

It’s just blah!

The ad’s not so bad, I guess. No strong feelings either way really. Interesting though, because I can’t see Sam lasting another 12 months unless she REALLY picks her game up (and for someone who hasn’t done radio before, and is at the same time being pressured from every which way, how is she going to find the space to improve, lest they put her on mid-dawns?).

If I was Nova or 2DAY, I’d be looking at Karl Stefanovic’s contract negotiations with 9, ready to pounce if a chance becomes available. He’d be a great get, and would probably be the next big breakfast show if anyone could lock him down.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - 2DAY playing as safe as humanly possible is never going to win them breakfast. They need to get rid of Sam, get Rove to have an opinion, and surround him with people like Peter Helliar, Julia Zemero, Dave Thornton in a zoo format where they’re not sh*t scared to say anything that isn’t time, temp or some unexciting content that’s designed to offend as few people as possible, all the while being as interesting as listening to paint dry.

In regards to their format, breakfast is the most important for sure, but I personally think a great format with a point of difference and an alsoran breakfast show would do them better than an alsoran format with an alsoran I breakfast.

Not sure if the Shazam Top 20 is returning as Angus recently tweeted

Got exciting news to announce in the New Year about this show! - @Angus_OL


Certainly will have a new co-host.

The playlist playing on 2Day FM this evening is pretty good. Good mix of old and new hits. Haven’t enjoyed listening to them in a while before tonight. Keep it up!

the website is offline too

Cue Hit 30. Wonder what Dan Anstey’s up to?

2Day FM sounding so good today! All they really need is a strong breakfast show. Maybe they should be looking at someone like Julia Morris? Dr Chris and Julia waking Sydney up. They need to find a team with an already established relationship. In this day and age clearly there’s no time to build a show.

so how do new shows with teams come along then? SCA has these group days every year where all interested staff plus others from community radio are invited and there are these team-sessions where they look around and find whom would be good with whom etc.

Rove needs 2 years minimum. The music is good, the station sounds good, but it just needs a good bookend in the morning to help with the good bookend they’ve got in Drive.

@MarkHD it was more in reference to the Sydney market. Kyle and Jackie O are never going to be beaten by a new team in the short term. Unfortunately, networks want results within a year and the only way they are going to get them is with a team that has already got a good thing going. Don’t get me wrong, I want them to stick with Rove. Outside 2Day FM he is great. They need to stop censoring him and give him cohosts that he can work with and bounce off. Rove, Julia and Dr Chris. That would be a good show. They should have placed Sam on Sea FM first if they/her are really keen on her making it in radio.

I think SCA’s problem is they think they need profile to be able to combat K&J, when in reality profile is only going to help to some extent. And you make the ‘profile’ of the hosts irrelevant if the first day sounds like an average regional breakfast show. Those who turned over wondering ‘what Rove will sound like’ have already turned off and it’s now even harder to get them back.

SCA are such a big network, and they have some pretty decent talent; they just don’t seem to want to use it.

Why did they move Byron Cooke to Melbourne, when he would have made a good anchor for Rove? Even Nathan Cera would’ve been an alright anchor if they hadn’t let him go. Kristie Mercer, another they let go - whilst maybe not ready for Sydney breakfast, might be at some point if she was developed enough. Charli on the GC surely would’ve been at least as good as Sam as a co-host for Rove…
Stav and Abby are both pretty good - and all of these people are infinitely more experienced than Sam Frost. She definitely has potential, but she needs to spend two years at Sea before she’d be even close to ready for Sydney breakfast.

Rove’s got enough profile.

I think SCA forget that Kyle & Jackie O weren’t stars before radio - and neither were Hamish & Andy.

They’ve lost their way. They used to understand that content was the most important and you could make stars of people that made good content.

They’ve got some great people making good content around the country, but for some reason they appear to think it’s riskier to put them into breakfast than it is two people who are boring as all hell, but are famous.

They’ve forgotten that people listen to Kyle & Jackie O because they find Kyle & Jackie O entertaining, not because they’re Kyle & Jackie O.

Rove & Sam are live from LA at 6am tomorrow.

Speaking of, how long has that been around for? Heard a bit of it a week or two ago and had a bit of a laugh at the revival.

It’s just the summer version of Shazam Top 20 while it’s on break.

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hit105 Brisbane have renamed their breakfast show to ‘Stav, Abby & Osher’ with the recent addition of Osher Günsberg to the show.

I know he’s the newest team member and the other pair are an established duo however I would’ve thought Osher, Stav & Abby flowed a little better.

Looking forward to seeing how the dynamics of the show changes with the new host and no announcer this year I’m presuming.

Er… Why?

Your guess is as good as mine, I haven’t seen any specific reason posted on their social media channels just that they’re there and broadcasting live.