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It’s in the schedule


Ok thanks. Far out I was just on the Hit App before @David made that comment. Still said Danny Lakey, obviously got updated just after.


Don’t you work for them. You should know.


How could you make such a false accusation?


Hit Nights has only been on air for a couple of mins (in Qld at least) and already prefer this to Danny Lakey, who is definitely more suited to late nights IMO. Keegs is a great talent!

To be fair, for some reason I also thought you worked there :man_shrugging:t3:


on the subject of working there Hit105 and MMM in brisbane were recently advertising for a trainee broadcast technician. not sure if the job is still open but it could be a good way to get your foot in the door


Ik right, Keegs is a truly great presenter… But who would you prefer Ash London or Keegan?


Keegs. 1000%.


Agree, definitely Keegs > Ash London.

I’m kinda surprised they didn’t announce him and Hit Nights to replace Ash London Live for 2019 since she was permanently appointed to 2day fm breakfast.


I personally don’t see Ash doing both lasting past Easter. That’s a ridiculous schedule.


100%, especially if she will still be doing the Saturday trending 20 with Angus and Sunday Live & Local show - both no doubt pre-recorded.


It’ll be her night show that suffers. There’s no way they’ll let her give up breakfast and having to find another host so soon. It’ll be Ash London Live that goes - and I think that’s the plan. 6:30-8pm. It’s way too easy to just get Danny to do 6:30-11pm when Ash “decides” it’s too much to handle.


That would be the easy option, I think there are better options for them promoting internally than extending Lakey though.


I agree. Give them till early-mid 2019 and Ash London will most likely announce she can no longer do the long days.

She’d have to be one of the longer night show hosts the network has had in a while.


Keegs would be great doing a show 6.30-8 followed by Danny Lakey. Keegs could stay doing arvos on Fox FM then.




just caught this on YouTube. for someone who has not been in the industry it’s really interesting (and for those of us who have worked in community radio it’s a nice insight to how those with money live…)


Looks like Hit have already updated their show billboards for next year:
Sorry About Sydney being a bit bigger…


Not a fan of those tbh.