HD Broadcasting


Its great up here in Toowoomba as you can get both 7 Toowoomba and 7 Brisbane so… You watch 7mate HD via Toowoomba and 7HD via Brisbane… Best of both worlds :smiley:


I used to have that here in Newcastle with 7mate HD via Prime7 and 7HD Sydney.


Yeah works well hey…But… Sorry I tell a bit of a lie… I don’t even have a antenna at home ;-)… So any free to air watching is done here at work… Most of my TV watching at home is done via IP (Stan, Netflix)…
Tho HD TV now compared to when MPEG2 HD launched is a disgrace… BUT far better then SD thats for sure


Same for the southern half of the Sunshine Coast, where both 7 Sunshine Coast (7mate HD) and 7 Brisbane (7HD) transmit from Bald Knob.

Mandurah is another example, where 7 Perth has its main channel in HD, while 7mate via GWN7 is available in HD.

This was also the case for the Gold Coast, as well as parts of Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra & the Southern Highlands, as well as the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne & West Gippsland.


And conveniently 7QLD there operates on the 6xx range of LCNs as opposed to 7xx elsewhere.


Do the SCA-owned Ten stations broadcast 10 Boss in HD?


Yes it’s still a HD service, but everything is upscaled SD, so no actual HD content.


Why do the smaller stations bother with HD 7mate/9Gem/10 Boss anymore? Just do all channels in SD (they are anyway) and if they want to launch a true HD simulcast of the main channel then great.


Here’s an even better idea: Why not just run the main channels in MPEG2-HD?

With some of these small regional/remote markets being places where Digital TV only started a few years before analogue was switched off (HD set top boxes were starting to become quite cheap around the 2010-12 timeframe from what I remember), surely only a tiny minority of viewers there would have SD-only equipment?


Yep. Always thought that would be a good temporary solution. These areas got digital way later than most of the country. More likely to have HD compatible equipment.


There are still some MPEG 2 receivers around that are SD only.

It’s probably not going to save much spectrum as MPEG 2 HD would need to be 7-8 Mbps.


True, but these are generally for stations that probably won’t launch 4th, 5th or data cast channels for some time and won’t require the full spectrum. Why not just swap (eg) 7 Central and 7mate Central over for now.


Probably because they don’t have the equipment for 2 HD channels?

AFIAK 7mate Central is just one feed while 7 Central is split in North and South.


Found this in my Wikipedia infobox today (username is TapLover):

" My apologies for posting here, I don’t think this is the right place but I’m not sure where else to go.

My Topfield SD PVR stopped receiving Seven a few days ago. Scanning with my TV I was amazed to find Seven sending HD on THREE channels, I was under the impression that each broadcaster could have only one HD channel.

Further, 7Mate (73), which is supposed to be 1080i is coming through as 576i. Mate has been SD for many months, probably since the last shake-up.

Possibly it’s just a setup error at the Mt Goonaneman transponder but maybe you know more. A couple of years back Win was sending in letterbox mode for months following some other change."


I reckon they’re confusing the MP4 channels as HD. I’m not in a proper Seven area but it seems 7HD or 7Mate (MP4 HD), Racing.com (MP4?) and 7 Food (MP4) would all not be compatible with the Topfield SD PVR.

Is it the Topfield 5000? I saw your handle is TapLover. Surely there’s not them still in use? Mine was the greatest box I ever had apart from the lack of HD but even mine died several years ago after so much use!


7HD is mp4…


Thanks, will edit it. And now that I think about it, all the HD ones are MP4 aren’t they? Because they need to be?


For some reason 7flix looks quite good on a large plasma. But the other flatscreens (a bedroom tv and LCD) pretty poor.


Mt Goonaneman is 7QLD area - 7Mate is in HD MPGEG2. There is no 7HD.


Apparently 7HD is finally launching in Regional QLD from Monday. Anyone else heard anything?
I certainly hope it’s true, Seven is the only network to not have the main channel in HD here.