HD Broadcasting


That’s great news!

Though my guess is that Seven Local News will be upscaled SD. I hope I’m wrong though.


The promo that is now running for 7 Queensland’s switch to HD tomorrow.

Apparently “you don’t have to do anything” :thinking:

Seven News (Regional Qld)

Everything in that promo screams dodgy.


I’d think a mention of which LCN to use would help! - Tune to channel 70 (or 60)


Good to have confirmation that Regional Queensland will finally have access to Seven’s main channel in HD from tomorrow - incidentally the 3rd anniversary of Nine HD returning to metro markets!

Even though people should get this by now with the other networks HD channels being transmitted in this format, advising viewers that 7HD will (most likely) be in MPEG4 wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


About time


Not advisable. Hard enough to remind people to switch to a different channel (60) to get HD. They wouldn’t have a clue what MPEG4 was! Either it’ll work for them or it won’t.


looks like 60 is the regional 7hd lcn


It will be 70 for all of Queensland except Sunshine Coast areas that have an official licence area overlap with Brisbane where it will be 60.


@TV.Cynic Are the advisories running on high rotation on 7QLD? In lieu of other promos. Looks like a heavy cricket focus, obviously. Still find it incredible that it took so long for change (7mateHD lol), in the biggest regional market which Seven dominate.


least they are getting a warning , when prime7 went hd there was no warning . it just happned


Infrequently - seem to be one at night on main channel and nothing else.

It might be easier to run a promo once the service is running though - mention in local news and “7HD on 70” mentioned in promos for shows.


Yes. Prime 7 probably thought (and rightly so) that they were in no position to crow about HD, and as that it didn’t affect any other LCNs except that Mate would be SD.


One thing that’s probably been missed amongst all the discussion: What about the Gold Coast? Will they finally have access to their local feed of Seven in HD including the 5.30pm local news (not that it’s produced in HD, but still not ideal for Seven to only have the Brisbane feed in HD - Nine gets it right) when Regional Queensland makes the switch?

I think saying “Not every TV will be able to receive 7HD, but if you can see RACING.COM you’re right to go!” in the promo would be a good way of addressing the situation.

For those wanting more technical info, a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the website would be a great idea.

We’d all understand that, but how is the average viewer (most of whom I suspect don’t follow this type of thing quite as avidly as most on Media Spy would) supposed to know where to find Seven HD without being told?!

Similar deal with Seven in the metropolitan markets.


Hrm… Will there be 7HD-branded promos in the near future like what Nine switched to a while ago?


I didn’t realise 7Qld HD won’t be LCN 60 like Prime7.


7Qld is on the 7xxx LCNs (except for Sunshine Coast)


As TV Cynic says, 7QLD use all the normal 7 LCNs statewide, except the Sunshine Coast.

Here in Townsville, we have the exact same 7/70-79 LCNs and channels as metro areas, with the only exception being that 73 is in MPEG2-HD and 70 is in MPEG2-SD, both of which are obviously set to change tomorrow.

Years ago, before I was an avid media follower, I can remember a family trip to the Sunshine Coast and I was very confused to find all the 7 channels allocated to the 6/60-69 LCNs, as they’re not like that anywhere else in QLD. Even remote QLD has SC7 on the 7 LCN’s


i was like that when my family holidayed in caloundra . we had had both brisbane and sunshine coast channels


No 7HD in North QLD this morning.

Given that the ad with Rob Brough was specific to the Sunshine Coast, i’m beginning to wonder whether the Sunshine Coast is the only market launching 7HD today?