HD Broadcasting


Personally I think there should be no channels in SD under DVB-T2…except for maybe those paid content channels which aren’t counted in the ratings! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If we’re going to switch over to DVB-T2, the networks would really need to give viewers an incentive like having all channels in HD.


Agreed. Realistically under no circumstance should channels be in SD (except data casting).


Yes, the ones that were given out during the final phase of analog to digital TV switchover were MPEG4 compatible.

Really ACMA should be leading the charge. The TV stations don’t care. They can’t afford to lose one viewer with the current parlous state of over the air TV.

So ACMA should just mandate that x will happen on y date. And that’s it.

Seems to work just fine in places like Europe. Instead of squealing, people move along with the technology upgrades. To TV anyway. Radio is different! DAB in Norway for example.


We all have a fair idea of MPEG-4 device penetration. Does anyone know how many of those devices are DVB-T2?


It worked fine with the transition from analogue to digital as well. We just need a firm hand to kick the networks into gear.


You would think the networks would be keen to go all MPEG4 as well.
Means every channel could be HD.

Only downside might be having to upgrade playout systems with more encoders etc.


Nah, the TV stations couldn’t care less about HD. Most of the people working in them don’t even know whether things are SD or HD. Execs even more so. Most wouldn’t have a clue.

It’s sad, but that’s the attitude at the broadcasting end.


Not true about the “most people in… (tv)”

Execs though, spot on.


The news that Seven looks to be squeezing yet another multichannel into their spectrum has some implications, I think, for HD broadcasting.

Firstly I would say it rules out a second HD channel for Seven in the next few years.

I also think it suggests the outcome of any legislated change to MPEG4. I can’t see any future regulation that mandates a switch to MPEG 4 having anything to say about SD or HD or even minimum bit rates. Rather than that resulting in multichannels being available in HD, I think it would just mean extra multichannels in SD.


Nine has proven that it’s technically possible to fit five MPEG2 SD services on the multiplex (even if the quality of “Your Money” doesn’t look too crash hot), so I could see this as a possibility:

Seven - MPEG2 SD
7mate - MPEG2 SD
7Flix - MPEG2 SD
7Food - MPEG2 SD

Seven HD - MPEG4 HD

Although personally, I’d prefer to see the network do the following:

Seven - MPEG2 SD
7mate - MPEG2 SD (Let’s be realistic here, they won’t MPEG4 their first three channels in a hurry)

Seven HD - MPEG4 HD
7Flix - MPEG4 SD
7Food - MPEG4 SD

I agree that 7Food would rule out a 2nd HD channel sometime in the next few years, but I think the network will still keep their current HD channel at a reduced bitrate and maybe downscale it to 720p from the current 1080i service.


Seven HD - MPEG4 HD would be a better idea! :smiley:


Took a quick sample of 7 Melbourne -

7HD - 5.6Mbps
7SD - 4.1Mbps
7Two - 3.8Mbps
7Mate - 3.1Mbps
7flix - 1.35Mbps
Racing - 1.35Mbps
Nulls - 1.9Mbps

On a previous multiplex sample I took while 7flix was a placeholder, their nulls were only 400kbps, and Nine operate currently with about that level. So it looks like the space is already set aside, or at least, they could find the space from there and operate it at the same quality as 7Flix in MPEG2.

Otherwise, I think it would be wise to reduce the 7SD bitrate. People who care about PQ can watch the HD channel - there’s no reason to prioritise it that high.

No massive reductions need to happen.

Additional crazy possibilities you can skip below

With two pre-conditions - 7flix is fine at 1.35Mbps and people can watch HD if they care about quality, you could turn 7SD and 7Mate into that level of SD quality, and gain enough space to add a HD simulcast of 7Mate.

These would be averages, and don’t quite add to the above because audio and other overheads would be needed.

7HD - 5.0Mbps
7Mate HD - 4.0Mbps
7Two - 3.5Mbps
7Mate SD - 1.35Mbps
7flix - 1.35Mbps
7Food - 1.35Mbps
7SD - 1.35Mbps
Racing - 1.35Mbps
Nulls - 0.5Mbps

They obviously won’t do this, but it’d be nice…


There isn’t anything too special about 5 multichannels as Ten also has 5 SD channels with TVSN and Spree TV. With the addition of 7Food, Seven will have 6 SD multichannels.

As far I see it, Seven will leave their existing line-up as is, it is just a question of how to fit a 6th SD channel into their line-up - MPEG2 or MPEG4. I think they are too conservative and won’t risk going with MPEG4.

Seven do run some crazy bitrates at times though. When I checked an hour ago the SD channel with the highest bitrate for them in Brisbane was the MPEG4 Racing.com at 4.3! 72 was at 3.2 and 7 SD was just 2.9. 7Flix was the lowest at 2.3 with 7Mate at 3.6.


Hi all. I’ve just moved to Warwick QLD which appears to utilise the Toowoomba channels. After doing a scan I’ve noticed there seems to be no high definition channel for 7. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks :slight_smile:


There is no 7HD in regional Queensland. You will notice that 7Mate on 73 is in HD though

I was thinking Seven might take the opportunity to introduce HD to regional Queensland in association with the start of 7Food since they will have to provide new feeds to carry that new channel.


Does iShopTTV screen in metro markets? if so, that is where a possible new channel could pop up in same way as Nine deleted its infomercial channels




I thought the reason 7 HD doesn’t exist in regional Qld is because of equipment and something to do with Mediahub and it was going to change in the next year or two … there was a post on here months ago about it I think…


Yes, Seven’s playout facility in Melbourne is at capacity, so much so that the playout of 7flix had to be outsourced to MediaHub.

This will change when they move into the 7/9 shared facility next year. Presumably (and I think an insider may have confirmed this) 7HD will become available for 7QLD after the move.


One presumes that 7Food Network will launch out of MediaHub then