Seven News (Regional Qld)


“7 Qld” = regional QLD = STQ

What else would we be talking about on the regional QLD news thread? :joy:


One never knows on this site Nick, I would like somebody to provide a source to back up this claim.


It’s not a claim, it’s a tip.

Just wait till Monday and we will find out if it was accurate or not. It’s only a day away!


oh my, should we tell 'em what it means?

that’s what we kids use for ‘they’re making me “excited”’ to put it nicely

I hope we’re all ready to get some Broug[HD]ie into us


I saw a promo today with Rob Brough promoting that the summer of cricket will be in HD.


Promo now posted in HD topic.


Fuck, That’s the fastest I’ve ever heard him speak.


Surprised you had to ask. I thought you were an insider? Bit on the nose if you ask me.


Half page ad in the local newspaper


Eveyone got their caps at the ready for Rob Brough’s first greeting wink in HD today? :wink:


Looks like it will be upscaled.


The updates might only be recorded in SD though, Ten only records their Sydney/national news bulletins in SD yet they have a few native HD elements during the live bulletins.

In any case, it’d probably be for the best it Rob Brough were to remain in upcoverted SD - sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rob’s first HD wink - unfortunate that it’s upscaled :frowning_face:


He does winks in the Updates too? :joy:


Looks like 7 has been converted to HD from 5pm for The Chase.

Maybe RQLD doesn’t have the facilities yet to do HD, hence why @InTheNose was doubtful.


What’s all this talk about a Rob Brough wink?

He’s just a copy cat… the original news wink on Australian television belongs to Roger Climpson!


Some caps from the (upscaled) HD stream


A wink fest…

That’s W-I-N-K… then again maybe there’s an “A” in there somewhere


There goes my eggplant again. Thanks Broughie!