Have You Been Paying Attention?

Discuss the show and guests appearing each week.

Any word on when the show returns? Anyone remember when it came back on our screens last year?

Wasn’t until later in the year. Last season was quite long conpared to previous seasons.

no reason it can’t run long every year. Great weekly show.


Agreed. It’s about the only thing I watch on Ten these days (although the Project is watchable now that Hughes and Pickering are gone)

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Yep it was one of those shows that I made sure I watched live.

Absolutely agree, great weekly entertainment. The sooner it returns the better!

Wonder what they have planned for 2016, hopefully some big name guests and new segments.

Q2. It returned in May of last year [quote=“TVHead, post:4, topic:436, full:true”]
no reason it can’t run long every year. Great weekly show.
I know its funny but sometimes you need to give the show a rest at times

Saw a promo for this today “Coming Soon”.


###Have You Been Paying Attention? Is Back.

Premieres Monday 9 May at 8.30pm

Nominated for two TV Week Logie Awards, the show making hilarity from the headlines – Have You Been Paying Attention? – returns for a fourth season on Monday, 9 May 8.30pm on TEN.

Quizmaster Tom Gleisner is back at the helm, attempting to maintain control while putting Australia’s funniest comedians through their paces. Guests will be tested on their knowledge of all things celebrity, politics, sport, current affairs, pop culture and international affairs from the past week in the race to the top of the leaderboard.

A cavalcade of comedians are gearing up for this season’s competition with Jane Kennedy, Fifi Box and Marty Sheargold first off the mark in week one, joining show regulars Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang.

In addition to our contestants, there will be more celebrity guest quizmasters giving Tom a helping hand, kicking off with the effervescent MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston and theatre star and songstress Marina Prior in episode one.

Fast, funny and rarely factual, Have You Been Paying Attention? covers off the who’s who, the what’s what and everything in between.


Why is this show not in native HD? Fuck ten are useless.

Yes, quite strange!

Julia Morris will make her first appearance on the show next Monday. Guest quiz masters are Faye from Gogglebox and Harries from Bondi Rescue.

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Tonight was the first time I watched HYBPA. What an hilarious show, loved it.

Looking forward to Julia Morris next week. Great episode with some great laughs. Love this show.


Julia Morris so annoying that is like a switchoff or even mute. She over does it and not funny but stupid. I would rather if she never appeared on the show or I’m A Celebrity.

At least the PQ is upscaled rather than downscaled.

Wow. Critical of Ten and a Ten show? Well wonders never cease. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Julia Morris. But I understand how some would find her humour annoying. I’m the opposite I love it.

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