Great songs heard on radio


Bob Seger- Hollywood Nights
Now Playing on Triple M Melbourne


VENETIANS- So Much For Love
MOODY BLUES- I Know You’re Out There Somewhere

All on 107.3 6HFM today. This is a very good community station with an extremely eclectic mix.


Given the downfall of 96fm since my last visit to Perth in 2012, it would be one of my most listened-to stations next time I’m over there, along with 6iX, My Perth Digital, MMM Classic Rock & The Wave. :slight_smile:


Reptile is a very good song. From The Church, I only really hear Unguarded Moment on radio now.


You sometimes hear ‘Almost With You’, ‘Under The Milky Way’, and very rarely ‘Metropolis’. The only other place I’ve heard ‘Reptile’ is via online station Radio Paradise. It also got an airing on 2BBB a couple of months back.


Thanks for letting me on this station (H FM). I have added to my list :slight_smile:


Dress You Up - Madonna

Now Playing on WSFM’s “Saturday Night Pure Gold Party”.

A grossly underplayed 'Donna classic.


Gold 104.3 are playing some interesting songs tonight!

Young Americans - David Bowie
Star Trekkin’ - The Firm :laughing:
London Calling - The Clash
Love Action - Human League
Your Woman - White Town

All have been played tonight, with a few other good songs which I haven’t included!


you can also add:
Love and Devotion - Michael Bow (a big song in the nightclubs back in 1987 when nightclubbing in King Street Melbourne was very fashionable)
Sweet and Sour - The Takeaways (theme from the ABC TV series of the same name from 1984)
Stutter Rap - Morris Minor & The Majors
Rocks - Primal Scream
Hit That Perfect Beat - Bronski Beat (their only non-Jimmy Somerville hit)


Gold 104.3 played all those songs?

I do like that Michael Bow song in particular, a lot of that kind of music is not available anywhere except via a YouTube clip.


Wow! I take my hat to you who ever programs the Gold 104.3 Saturday Party playlist.


Snoopy’s Christmas - The Royal Guardsmen on Cruise1323 as I am writing this.


Got A Hold On Me- Christine McVie

(ABC Local Radio NSW)


Barracuda - Heart :+1:

Played on MMM Melbourne about 10 minutes ago from ‘The Randomiser.’


Momentary Lapse of Reason/Pink Floyd today on Triple M Classic Rock. Haven’t heard that on the radio since FM104 and gee it took me back. Remember when you could hear songs like that on FM?


Was that their classic album at midday today was it?


Yep it was.

Back in the day FM104 played that album track quite often in they normal playlist though.


The song your referring to is “One Slip” :wink:


Good News Radio 103.9FM Ballarat is playing My Anthem Fo Liife Overcomer By Mandisa, Mandsai is a talent and a good Artist check out all her songs Via Youtube then Buy all Her CD’s Via Tiday.

AM and FM DX

Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Heard a short while on 2LT Lithgow (via 101.1)

I think it may have been true stereo too, with the enhanced reception conditions about tonight.