Great songs heard on radio


Heard earlier tonight on Triple J (whilst scanning the dial)

Seether - Veruca Salt

Haven’t heard that on the radio for a while… love that song!


Enter Sandman - Metallica
WOLD - Harry Chapin
Sara Smile - Hall and Oats
Heaven Can Wait and Bat Out Of Hell (Live) - Meatloaf

All on 4TAB2 this afternoon :heart_eyes:


Apologies for my ignorance, but what is 4TAB2?


4TAB2 is a temporary DAB+ station in Brisbane, which is supplementary to 4TAB (Radio TAB). They usually operate around Christmas Day & Good Friday, with the main station, which is also relayed across QLD, NT, SA & Tasmania, airing the same programming as 4TAB2 on Christmas Day.

I wish our equivalent racing station in NSW, Sky Sports Radio (2KY), did the same thing as Radio TAB, but they kept airing the races on all their stations, even on Christmas Day. :frowning:


4TAB2 is on DAB year round as a supplement to 4TAB on digital in Brisbane only. They usually have racing on throughout the year too but play music over the holidays :slight_smile:

They also play some old 4IP jingles too when playing music.


On Smooth right now…

perfect song for the format…


And is commonly played on the above station too. :slight_smile:


The Stereo 10 JAMS jingles are great… when I was a kid C93FM had them as well… (as did Radio 1 and KIIS)…

Interestingly 2SM, 2NX and 3XY never went with the JAMS…

Sadly… they don’t seem to on this time? Just v/o idents from the 1990s…


I heard Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears on Coles Radio while shopping this afternoon.

A song which is played quite frequently but I still love it and don’t think i’ll ever get sick of it. I don’t understand why I love it so much, but I just do. Heard a couple of people humming it in the store as well.


Funnily enough I was shopping at Coles Toowong this afternoon and heard it too…

Also rather interesting (mildly)… I found myself randomly singing it some three hours later while watering the garden…


I heard it in a Coles in Victoria, we must have been shopping at the same time in two different states! Proves that the playlists must be pretty much the same Australia wide.


Heard on Coles Radio this afternoon, not while shopping but listening at home!

50 Years - Uncanny X-Men (first song played when I put it on!)
Round and Round - Spandau Ballet
Hammerhead - James Reyne
Cruise Control - Headless Chickens


All great songs!

I should listen to that on DAB more often (and I probably would if it wasn’t for the crappy bit rates)

Just heard

Send Me An Angel - Real Life

On WSFM… Worth a plug here since it’s not often heard on radio these days.


View to a kill - DD. Right now on 4TAB TWO.

The thumping drums… the pounding guitars… love it…

Nothing obscure (as far as tracks go)… but still seldom heard these days.


Sure your dial wasn’t locked to 23FM? ‘Got a hammerhead and I live on the coast…’


…“so indisposed, yo been missing gnocchi…”


Can’t wait for the English language version


I just can’t get ‘you’ve been hanging with the nicest people’ from that no matter how often I listen to that song. Always actually hear it as something about gnocchi :laughing:


My favourite Bond theme song by quite a margin :slight_smile:


First time I heard the song, I thought it was “You’ve been hanging with the Napisan people”