Great songs heard on radio

Discussion as the title suggest. A continuation of Great songs played on commercial radio

Not the radio station as such, but Foxtel Smooth yesterday played Sade’s “The Sweetest Taboo.”

I have not heard that gem for years.

A few from the last 12 hours or so…

Lets Go All The Way - Sly Fox (yesterday arvo on WS)
Seether - Veruca Salt (last tonight on MMM).
I Want To Come Over - Melissa Etheridge (just now on B-Rock)

2MMM played Eric Clapton’s original Layla (not the overflogged acoustic version) at around 1:30pm today. Awesome!

Slight correction: It’s by Derek & the Dominos, which Eric Clapton is in after Cream broke up.

Follow You Down - Gin Blossoms

Playing right now on the SCA Local Works “Greatest Years In Music” program (for me via 2GO).

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Also on the same program as above right now…

Too Young For Promises - Koo De Tah
(a rarity on radio).

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It was good to hear that played on 4IP via 4TAB digital last year.

Another rare Aussie 80s gem just played:

You’re Gonna Get Hurt - Jenny Morris

Down Among The Dead Men - Flash And The Pan

Part of “The Greatest Years In Music” -‘Mystery 9 At 9’ … Where every song was about dying/death… cheerful way to liven up the evening, isn’t it?

Yes it’s a great song. I heard it on Rebel last weekend. So much better than that awful acoustic version.

Jenny Morris had some great hits in the 80s,her hits don’t get much AirPlay these days

Yes she does have some great songs. I heard ‘Beggar on the Street of Love’ a while back on Breeze FM but yes they are few and far between. The other local (Aus/NZ) artist that really is under-appreciated is Sharon O’Neill

I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll - Nick Lowe

Heard this afternoon on MMM Sydney

DWhilst down in the Illawarra region this afternoon, I heard this rare Aussie gem from the 80s:

“Current Stand” Kids In The Kitchen - 2ST

Kids in the Kitchen were a great Aussie band. “Current Stand” is the sort of song that you would never hear on a Sydney radio station. I am going to be humming that song all day today!
“Change in Mood” and “Something That You Said” have now sprung to mind as well.
When I read through this thread you realise how much WOW factor there is with songs that we had forgotten. WSFM rarely gives you the WOW factor. Smooth often does.
It is such a pity that the 80s only lasted a decade.

Haven’t heard Kids in the Kitchen for years, either. Just You Tubed a few of their classic songs.

Don’t know if I miss that decade because of the music and pop culture or just because it was a simpler, uncomplicated time. I read a piece yesterday that suggested everything '80s is about to make a comeback. Even the mullet haircut. Some things should probably be left in that era.

I remember watching Countdown in the 1980s at a friends house. My mate was a Greek Australian and the clip for Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon was being played. My mate’s Greek dad walked into the room and said “Turn it off”. I thought it was because Boy George was gay. It was only 1984 and homosexuality was still slightly taboo. Even more so in a Greek household.
I asked why he wanted this particular clip turned off and this 55 year old Greek man replied “Because this woman is a slut” We did not have the heart to tell him that Boy George was a male.
Ahhhhh, I miss the 80s.

Yea I miss the 80s too.
I don’t think we realised how unique it was at the time.
I certainly don’t feel the same fondness for the 90s or 00s, and I was a bit too young at the time to remember much of the 70s.

Having said that, it would be too hard to go back to an era with no internet or multi channel TV, or dare I say it, no MediaSpy !!:astonished:

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I know what you mean about the WOW factor. It’s something I really need to keep me engaged with a radio station, and those wow songs are too few and far between on mainstream FM, perhaps with the exception of Smooth. Breeze and River 94.9 gives you wow songs all the time which keeps me coming back for more. Kids in the Kitchen were an amazing 80s band - those 3 songs are awesome. Current Stand is probably in my all-time top 50 songs. There was something about the 80s and I suspect they will outlive the 90s and 00s by a big margin.