Great songs heard on radio


Valley Road is probably my favourite actually


‘The 80s’ Digital are playing some gems tonight!

Say You Will - Foreigner
King Of Pain - Police
It’s A Mistake - Men At Work (I think this one is a favourite here)

Honourable mention to Break Up Song by the Greg Kihn Band which I still really like despite being frequently played!


Great songs all of them. The 80s seems to me to be getting a bit broader in their music which I’m really enjoying.

BTW I’m the same with the Breakup Song. Never get sick of it. Ever seen a movie called Beautiful Girls with Uma Thurman? That song always reminds me of the scene where the jilted guy is plowing snow IN to the ex girlfriend’s driveway - that song is playing.


Too Young For Promises - Koo De Tah

Played on The 80s Digital. I know that I have mentioned this one before but it’s a great song and I know that a few people like it here. Starting to hear it quite frequently on The 80s as well.

Yeah, their playlist has been more adventurous. I started listening to The 80s after the removal of Aussie Digital. It is certainly better than a year ago.

I actually haven’t seen that movie before, might have to take a look. I don’t know why I the song so much, may be because ‘they don’t write them like that anymore’ is accurate compared to music today!


Big Time - Peter Gabriel

Now Playing on 2HHH Hornsby.

As to why commercial radio rarely plays this classic, I cannot understand. I love that song.


That’s a great song.
I’m going to listen to the stream of that station now that you’ve mentioned it. Seems that it’s an ‘All Things 80s’ show.
EDIT: Now playing Passengers by Elton John!


This is part of their “All Things 80s” program the station airs at 7-10pm & 11pm-Midnight on Saturdays.


Another great underplayed Elton song!


I had a self-imposed posting exodus for a couple of days while I had important schoolwork, but I was still listening to radio. Here’s what i’ve heard:

Concrete And Clay - Martin Plaza (on Gold 104.3 at around 6:15 on Wednesday night during ‘Totally 80s’

High - Lighthouse Family (on Gold also at around 9:30 Wednesday night)

Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger (on MMM Melbourne at around 4:00 this afternoon, only heard the first half unfortunately because I had something to do :frowning_face: )


Great song!

The Ms should play that more often.


An underappreciated song from an underappreciated band. Does get some good airplay though despite Harvey Danger’s relative obscurity


I Hear Motion - The Models

Now Playing on WSFM.

Great under played Aussie song deserving of more airplay.

Also heard earlier today during Coast FM Gosford’s “Soundtrack Of The 80s”

The War Song - Culture Club

A good under played song of theirs.


You Little Thief - Feargal Sharkey

Now Playing on the Triple M regional “Saturday Night Party”.

They should that play more instead of “A Good Heart” for the bazillionth time.


Let’s Go All The Way - Sly Fox

Now Playing on 2HHH Hornsby.

I don’t think I’ve heard that on the radio since 1986!


Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle on The 90s iHeartRadio. Lovely cover of a New Order classic


Thanks for the post… This allows me to post here again as I got message saying “No more posts allowed as you have posted 3 consecutive posts” or something like that.

A couple from my work trip to Canberra and back

Truganini - Midnight Oil

Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
On 2ST (but for some reason, the song was stopped halfway through :-1:


Catch Me I’m Falling - Real Life

Heard a short while ago on Port Stephens FM.

Haven’t heard that for quite a while!


I love this song, and was most excited to see it performed live a couple of years ago. But it was disappointing, the singer was dropping words and lines throughout the song.


Heard on Gold 104.3 Saturday Party Playlist tonight:
Bop Girl - Pat Wilson
Just What I Needed - Cars
Nothing Too Serious - Icehouse
What Have I Done To Deserve This - Pet Shop Boys :astonished:

Unfortunately Cruisin by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis was also played. God I hate that song.