Great songs heard on radio


True, but plenty of clones have at least a modicum of success (think Tori Amos v Kate Bush).


Fight For Ourselves - Spandau Ballet

I’m streaming Radio 2 from Abu Dhabi right now whilst watching the cricket test on FOX Sports from that location.

I totally forgot that song ever existed.


That song gets an airing occasionally on the Mechie Show.

I don’t remember it when it was first released, having only discovered it on a Spandau Ballet compilation CD some twenty years ago. It’s one my favourite tunes from them.


Yes Spandau Ballet had so many great songs yet most stations just play True or Gold.


Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd :+1:
Once again on Gold 104.3’s ‘Totally 80s’ segment tonight, where they play some more adventurous tracks.


Sweet Seasons - Carole King (1972) - on MeTV FM 87.7 in Chicago. They don’t stream online but they list the song currently playing on their website.


Montego Bay - Allniters

Just played on FUN Digital Sydney.

Haven’t heard that for a while!

Kind of takes me back to when I used to hear it on 2SM back in the early to mid 1980s (being one of their digital stations).


Julian Lennon - Saltwater
Just played on 3GG Gippsland.


Wishing Well - Terence Trent D’Arby :+1:
Played on ‘The 80s’ Digital tonight!
Unfortunately it was followed by New Sensation by INXS :-1:


I like all of Terrence Trent Darby’s hits in the late 80s👍


Mull of Kintyre - Paul McCartney on Cruise 1323’s Living in the 70s last Sunday night. Paul’s biggest post-Beatles hit, but one that is rarely played anywhere these days. I was singing along to it when it played!


People don’t like new sensation?


I just think it’s overplayed on radio. I blame Target too.
There are other INXS songs I prefer.


I used to think it was ok but it’s been flogged to death now I can’t stand it personally


For me, any of:
Stay Young
Just Keep Walking
Dancing On The Jetty
Bitter Tears
Shine Like It Does
This Time
Beautiful Girl
Elegantly Wasted

All great underplayed INXS songs.


Yep all those are better. Love This Time in particular.


At 3:15 NZDT today (1:15 AEDT), Radio Hauraki played one of my personal favourites, My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade

In case youre wonderimg, I’m in Auckland this weekend running a marathon tomorrow.


Reasons by John Farnham on SWR.


Haven’t heard that for a long time.


Shakedown - Bob Seger

Now Playing on the Super Radio FM Network (via GGG Gunnedah for me tonight).

Haven’t heard that on the radio for a long time!