Great songs heard on radio


Smooth in the UK has a different logo to that of its Australian namesake, as you can see below.


This was the first song I ever remember hearing on the radio. Loved it then and still do now.


There’s also Sunshine 106.8 in Dublin which uses the same imaging and slogan as Smooth Australia.


Thunder Road/Springsteen in today’s 70s lunchbox on 4KQ. So good to hear that on the radio!


Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol (12 inch mix)

One of his lesser played hits - on WSFM’s “Party Remix” program right now.


That song takes me back to year 12 high school lol


Ah! Similarly for me, except I was in Year 7 then :grinning:


On Gold 104.3’s Saturday Party Playlist tonight, which always delivers:

Too Young For Promises - Koo De Tah
Rock On - David Essex
Cherry Lips - Garbage (probably more of a guilty pleasure than anything)
Moscow - Ghengis Khan
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin.


I agree, Ive been to a few BBQ where we have the Gold 104.3 Saturday party on. A awesome mix of songs :slight_smile:


This is one I haven’t heard on the radio for YEARS

Something That You Said - Kids In The Kitchen

Now Playing on WSFM Sydney.


Too Young For Promises is a gem


Only You is such a stunner of a song, but I never hear it anywhere on the radio in Australia or in NZ.


Ana’s Song (Open Fire) - Silverchair :+1:

Played on Aussie Digital just then. Hearing this great song on my birthday made the day even better!!


I was working back then😊


Debatable if it was “Great songs heard on radio” but last night Cruise 1323 played Hurricane Smith - Oh Babe, What Would You Say


The Outfield - Your Love on Adelaide community radio station Three D Radio. Was a big hit in the USA, reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 1986. Wasn’t a hit here in Australia.


Well done to 3D Adelaide. The Outfield are a curious anomaly: a British band who were never popular in the UK but did well in the US. Most of their songs are commercial radio fodder and would sound great on air. Like this one:


Personally, I think it might have something to do with their name being a baseball reference. Maybe if they were called “The Pitch”, they would have been more successful in their own country?

There were a few other British bands from around the same time who were in a similar “big in America, unknown at home” situation: A Flock of Seagulls, The Escape Club, and to a lesser extent Def Leppard.


and I forgot to mention they sound a lot like Sting and the Police.


Cambodia/Kim Wilde yesterday on 4KQ. Love that song.