Great songs heard on radio


My report tonight from Gold 104.3’s Saturday Party Playlist, which I seem to be posting in here every Saturday!

Shine Like It Does - INXS (again!)
Barracuda - Heart
Fading Like A Flower - Roxette (love this song!!) :+1::+1:
Change In Mood - Kids In The Kitchen.


Here’s one out of left field - DB Boulevard, Point of View.

On the MMM regional Saturday Night Party Mix.


The last three are absolute gems! Don’t mind the INXS song either. Better than New Sensation :slight_smile:


Orinocco Flow - Enya

Playing right now on WSFM, as part of a Top 11 countdown from February 1989.


I agree,


Purple Rain - Prince

Now Playing on Smooth FM.

Good to hear one of his other hits being played.


One for @dxer2_2000

THE TWINS- Not the Loving Kind



Ooh yes, great forgotten 80s classic!


I Hear Motion - Models
On Gold 104.3’s Saturday Party Playlist tonight. Very good 80s classic.


I wasn’t awake to hear this one, but according to, at 1:30am this morning, WSFM played the 12 inch mix of Nik Kershaw’s “I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” as part of their Saturday night “Pure Gold Party”.

I wish they played more of these gems in their daytime playlists.


That’s a great song!
For comparison, here’s Gold’s playlist; some good stuff played last night! I have always liked Work by Uncanny X-Men.


‘Wouldn’t it be good’ if they did that more often.



There must be a riddle as to why they don’t.


Lol, wide boy!


Ronnie James Dio - Love is All (Butterfly Ball) on Cruise1323’s Living in the 70s, one rarely heard on commercial radio. ABC TV used to play the video clip as filler in between programmes (mainly between 5pm and 7pm) in the late 1970s.


overcomer by Mandisa is being played on Good News Radio 103.9FM Ballarat


Baby I Love Your Way - Will to Power

On Coles Radio this afternoon surprisingly. I actually don’t think I have ever heard this version on radio before, mainly only hear the Big Mountain version and occasionally the Peter Frampton original. I’ve always thought of this one as being quite a good cover!


It’s been played quite a bit on Smooth.

As for the original version by Peter Frampton, you hardly hear that on any of the Sydney or Melbourne commercial FM stations these days, as WS & Gold now play the Big Mountain cover instead. In fact, the most likely commercial FM station that you would hear the Peter Frampton version is on Triple M.


Yeah I like the Will To Power and Frampton versions but not the Big Mountain one.

The Frampton version gets a spin on 4KQ occasionally.


I used to hear the Peter Frampton version on MMM Greatest Hits fairly often, but they probably don’t play it anymore now that they’ve got a rubbish, safe playlist.