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It has a sad ending with Julian Cadman confirmed to be among the 13 killed in last week’s attack.


Busy Friday evening for CNN and other American networks.

Category 4 cyclone making landfall
Trump pardons a racial profiler
One of Trump’s alt-right advisors is pushed out
NK tests three missiles

Really fascinating to see networks balance this coverage. CNN seems to be dedicating the first 30 minutes of each hour to the disaster (lots of potentially apt comparisons to Katrina), and then the back half of the hour to the other issues (while keeping the hurricane information on-screen).

Fox News has a similar on-screen layout.


Some breaking news out of London just a few minutes ago.




Bit premature…


Looks like a promo, ‘our programme starts at 6 and is live’… perhaps not quite taking advantage of a tragedy, but I suppose news programming gets close to doing so.

It seems the ISIL terrorist(s) in this case is/are, once again & fortunately, idiot(s) so this IED didn’t cause as much carnage as might otherwise have been.



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Perhaps QANTAS should reconsider being so reliant on their Heathrow hub and shift to elsewhere in Europe, such as Frankfurt?

From The Telegraph (London):

The UK’s largest airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, have previously warned that flights to Europe could stop if there is no deal on aviation in the wake of Brexit.

The EU Open Skies agreement, which was introduced in the Nineties, currently provides rules for airlines and airports of member states. It allows flights between any airports in the EU.

The agreement has enabled the development of low-cost airlines in the UK such as easyJet and Ryanair, and seen passenger numbers flying within Europe triple to nearly a billion a year.

Britain will have to negotiate a new treaty with the EU after Brexit to ensure flights take off. The failure to secure an agreement so far has led to increasing concern in the industry.

The UK (or many there) still don’t get it; they will lose, the City of London & Heathrow just being two examples of big business (& associated employment, tax revenue, other economic benefits) that will dramatically reduce because of Brexit.


I don’t think QF will get out of Heathrow any time soon because they are partners with British Airways, but I guess anything could happen.


As someone who lived in Frankfurt, I’m torn.

Frankfurt is expensive. Every flight into FFA is $200 more than Paris or Heathrow for some reason.

On the otherhand, I know the S-Bahn system so that’ll be easier to navigate than the London Underground.


Jacinda Ardern is the next PM of New Zealand.


Ah, she’s done well for Labour (despite those teeth! And yes, I’d say the same silly superficial thing about a man with such teeth.)

It’s funny how often a woman is brought in to try and rescue a party who weren’t looking at doing so well.




Congratulations to the new Premier. Looking forward to next COAG.


Australian Actress Judith McGrath has passed away at the age of 70


Twelve months today since the Dreamworld tragedy. Anniversary getting a lot of media coverage.

From 2016


What the company (Ardent Leisure Ltd) is saying one year after the tragedy:

Wow… We’ll take your money, promise fun, but when our ride kills, tough?
Intermingled with more words of condolence, this legal response is pretty insulting. Words vs actions?
I wonder how they intend to convince a court to ignore their duty of care.

On a different topic: I like dogs, but this shit has to be dealt with:

I wonder when it’ll be enough.


Labor MP Linda Burney’s son has been found dead at their Sydney home. He is known to have suffered with mental health issues.


I’m guessing that we’ll probably see “The Dreamworld Tragedy: 1 Year On” as the lead news story on all the Queensland news bulletins tonight?

That’s a pretty bad response from Ardent Leisure. If someone I knew died while on their rides, I’d definitely want the company to be liable for the deaths of those involved and do as much as possible to make sure that a similar incident never happens again.