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It is understood the victim in that case received 42 stitches.

“Whether we knew enough at the time to have it declared as a dangerous dog is another matter we’re following up on.”

42 isn’t dangerous?

… City Services spokesman said there were 389 reported dog attacks in the territory during the 2016-17 financial year, and 14 dogs were declared dangerous.

That’s quite a contrast in numbers; I somehow doubt that anywhere near 300 attacks were committed by just 14 dogs.

(If the reporting is correct,) at least this time the victim was responsible for the dog. Unfortunately most times innocent victims suffer.
I wonder how much of the cause in this case is the breed, and how much may have been poor training/it not being clear to the animal who is in charge (the alpha in the pack; it can be so dangerous when a dog thinks it is higher up the pecking order than a human).

PS (2017-10-27, 11:58 AEDT):

After a briefing from government officials about the attack, ACT Opposition leader Alistair Coe said officials had had custody of the animal for “a number of days in late August, early September” after it bit a person on August 29.

“It seems after this incident no orders, controls or conditions were placed on that dog as a result of that event. It seems that there might have been other events taking place at that same time as the dog attack but what we do know is the dog in question certainly did bite a person back on August the 29th and it went to Domestic Animal Services,” Mr Coe said.

The victim of the August 29 attack is understood to have needed 42 stitches.

I wonder if anything will now change after the ACT Gov’t has failed to do what was clearly needed, or if the apparent virtual certainty that Labor will keep getting reelected here means they’ll continue to ignore problems, do nothing, as has happened in other jurisdictions when one party was in power for too long.


Mass shooting in Texas today seemed to receive a lot less coverage than previous similar events as they become increasingly common. No live programming from the commercial breakfast shows for Queensland. Today didn’t have a breaking news strap, ABC News Breakfast and Sunrise rarely. Seems that “Sydney’s Big Wet” and horse racing took priority.


Sadly, yes. Seems like it will only be covered if the number of deaths is higher than previous ones.


Ten live on facebook with the presser following this Texas mass shooting:


Remembrance Day 2017
I find this an interesting time in the broadcast world; always curious to see which networks go to the effort of recognising the minute’s silence.

ABC & News 24 broadcast the entire national ceremony from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Nine crossed from Today Extra to a special 9 Newsbreak at 11am, showing the same feed as ABC for the duration of the minute’s silence.

Absolutely nothing at all from Seven & Ten - continued chatting away about the hottest topics on The Morning Show & Studio Ten.

Hit & Nova shifted their news earlier to play a package just before 11am, followed by The Last Post, a minute of dead air and “Lest We Forget”.

Triple J attempted a minute’s silence, however after the host explained the importance of the day she mentioned because they broadcast live to 5 different time zones, they were unable to. She encouraged listeners to turn their radios off themselves. About fifteen seconds of silence before the news intro kicked in.

No doubt many of other stations acknowledged it too, can only watch/listen to so many feeds at once :relieved:


I had a channel surf too. SBS put up a slide and silence, all that’s required.

Nine barged in during the last post, then talked over reveille and finished up with more at 6pm. If they go to that much trouble, they could do better, otherwise SBS style was appropriate.


but they don’t?


Is the news live across the country? Being top if the hour, maybe they’d need to delay the news in each time zone?


Ah, that would make sense. Never considered that actually - ignore me everyone


How disrespectful. Even Sky Racing 1 and 2 stopped to observe the minutes silence.


well Channel seven did even do not do it since I was in Adelaide the house racing started at 11am I am understand it was live which it was 11:30 in vic but channel seven should start the house racing at 11:31 am eastern time so that Adelaide so a minute silence could fit in channel seven must thought it was too hard not good engh


There’s no acceptable excuse for not having a one minute silence.


I didn’t listen this year but in previous years 3AW usually has an intro leading up to the pips on the hour and then they have the minute’s silence before playing The Last Post, then the news would begin without any news theme just straight to the newsreader’s intro.


I was in Bunnings and I was expecting some sort of an announcement about what would happen, it just went straight to the Last Post, some silence and then finishing. Amazing how many people kept moving while others stopped. I just spent the time trying to whisper and explain to my 3 year old why we were standing still and needed to be quiet.


Busy news day today. In addition to the excellent result from the SSM survey, there are reports that armed soldiers have seized control of the state broadcaster of Zimbabwe.

Breaking news now over on the BBC. The ABC News Channel’s flipper has turned red for the Zimbabwe story.


BBC reporting Mugabe has submitted a letter of resignation.



An ABC/Fairfax investigation has uncovered claims of extensive sexual harassment of women over decades, by Don Burke.


It’s appalling that this crap continues to happen: NSW taxpayers $500M out-of-pocket, but the two bad cops get promoted and the honest cop gets pushed out.


Guys just a friendly note that this thread is intended for discussion on media coverage of news events and not provide an rss feed or editorial of stories.