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There is a large fire burning out of control south of Perth, near/between Waroona township and Preston Beach. Resident’s have been evacuated to nearby locations, some by boat in the Indian Ocean.

Here’s ABC’s live blog.

How are the WA broadcast networks covering it?

Even though I am in Perth for a five day trip I have not seen a lot of TV. Today I saw Sunrise Perth News covering the bushfires every 30 minutes and tonight’s ABC News covered the event in the first 10 minutes.

Just for reference, David Bowie died yesterday in New York, aged 69. It was announced he had been suffering from cancer -

The news was first posted on his official Facebook page at 5.30pm AEDT (06:30 GMT) so broadcast networks did not have much time to prepare coverage for their evening bulletin’s -

34 past and present footballers from the Essendon footy club have been banned for a year after WADA won their appeal.

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A number of explosions occurred and gunfire has been heard in a central district of Jakarta this afternoon, near international organisations and retail premises -

There may still be attackers in a mall and another building in the area.

Live pages:
The Guardian -
Fairfax -
Twitter - OR

Edit (7pm): Active situation is possibly over. At least 5 terrorists with links to Syria and 2 foreigners have died, an Indonesian and Canadian national.

Alan Rickman has died, aged 69 :frowning:

Terrible week.

Vietnam has repealed laws banning same sex marriage. Just two days after Taiwan elected a very pro-gay marriage leader with a strong majority and mandate.

seems 2016 will not be the end of once-repressive, conservative nations overtaking Australia on social issues.

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The World Health Organisation has declared the Zika virus a global health emergency. It is very concerning because the virus is widespread across South America, including Brazil which is hosting the Olympic Games in August.

This story makes me angry, wonder if it will make the wider news cycle tomorrow.


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ultra-conservative sitting US Supreme court justice Antonin Scalia has died aged 79. Haven’t seen much coverage yet.

SCOTUS was stacked at 5-4 in the conservatives favour so this could have profound positive Impacts on US gun control, heathcare, education and the death penalty if Obama ends up appointing the replacement.
Republicans are already planning to use their senate power to fuck everything up.


This looks like big news in terms of Obamas legacy and one of his last acts as president. He will obviously nominate a progressive however the senate needs to confirm Supreme Court appointments and the senate is controlled by the republicans. But in all reality this is great news for the US Supreme Court to have a chance of leaning 5-4 to the progressive side of politics.

seems all stations have given it a 10 second, 1 liner. disappointing.

just been going thru some of his history, he sure did say & do some horrible things. a blatant theocratical racist.

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Late last night (Feburary 20, 2016) Cyclone Winston passed over the main Island of Fiji as a Category 5 - the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. There’s reports that entire towns have been destroyed, and outlying islands being cut off from communication. The extent of destruction will soon be made apparent, and I trust Australian networks will give it the coverage it deserves -

Initial frontrunner Jeb Bush has dropped out of the GOP primaries, Ben Carson could be next.

Pope Francis has announced Mother Teresa will be made a Saint on September 4.

Local government elections will be held throughout Queensland on Saturday. In most cases that will include a separate election for the Mayor or Lord Mayor in the case of Brisbane. There is also a referendum to allow for 4 year compulsory state terms.

Up until this week the coverage of the election has been relegated to second and third tier stuff in TV bulletins but this week saw a development that ticked all the boxes for headline news coverage. A BCC candidate for the LNP was forced to withdraw over a sexting scandal that involved “lurid images” being sent. Suddenly the coverage was at the front of the bulletins. This also has raised the possibility of an upset victory in the Brisbane election so I expect that the number of news updates will be more than usual during the night.

Some elction coverage

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Nine’s coverage not taken by WIN. 7QLD is also well out of synch with Brisbane so I am guessing that they didn’t want the 7 update either.